#smarTDiscoveries with SmarTrike


There's nothing better than watching your little ones explore and learn. I love seeing Parker's face light up as he sees a dog walk past, or his little determined hands trying to grab the flowers as we go by.

I still have him parent facing in his pushchair (meanie mummy I know!), so most of the time he misses out of the World around him though. I was therefore thrilled when SmarTrike got in contact to work with them on their latest campaign: #smarTDiscoveries. We were sent a gorgeous SmarTrike Explorer and asked to capture some of Parker's discoveries.

The trike is fantastic for exploring and trips out and about, whether that be at a park or around your local area. The seat is comfortable and well padded (and even reclines if your little one gets tired from all that exploring!). He loved the little phone feature and made many calls on our trip. The handle is adjustable so even Indiana could push her brother around - a feature that I absolutely love! The trike grows with your child too, so if Parker wanted a rest from his exploring Indie could easily hop in too (something that she does a lot haha).

We had a wonderful time at our local park, discovering the ducks, and a huge fountain. Without a doubt Parker's favourite discovery though was daddy on a scooter - he giggled for ages! We captured our day over on our YouTube Channel which you can see below.

Does your little one have a SmarTrike? What's their favourite discovery on your adventures?

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  1. This is lovely, his little face when his daddy goes past on the scooter, just adorable!


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