Teething, Cuddles & Parker's First Steps! | #LittleLoves


What. A. Week. It started out on an absolute high, however the past few days have been awful. Poor Parker is really suffering with his teeth - Wednesday he clung to me like a little monkey all day, either sleeping or crying. I wish there was something we could do, teething really sucks! 

I'm really glad to be writing this post though, to remember all the things I have loved this week. And I will say I have loved the sleepy cuddles (they're non-exist these days), and the fact I can give him so much comfort. So there have been a few positives from the 


Nothing.. I WILL get better at this one!


If you don't follow us on social media you may have missed this, but Parker took his first steps on Monday! I was trying to capture his 11 month milestone card photos, and he just came towards me. I honestly still can't believe it, and he's confidently standing and taking up to 4/5 steps after just a few days. I'm one proud mama!


I'm sure every day Indiana comes out with a new word or phrase. We were out of Saturday and Jack and I were joking around, so I told him to shut up. I didn't even think Indie was paying attention, but just like that she looks at Jack and shouts "yeah, shut up daddy!".. We had to look away we were laughing so much. Must remember, toddlers are always listening!


...Nothing. I did post about the fruity flapjacks I made last week though, so definitely go check it out!


How cute is Parker's new Bibetta bib? We're working with them as part of our role in the Babymoov Stressless Weaning Team, so you'll be seeing it a lot (it even featured in last week's #LittleLoves)! I love that it's not just a boring design, and it could totally be for a girl or boy too.

And Lastly...
We've got another busy weekend planned (if Parker is feeling better of course)! From Strawberry picking and going 'out out', to celebrating our nephew's birthday and fingers crossed doing Parker's cake smash! Phew.. I'm tired just writing that out, and we haven't even done it yet.


  1. Love the bib and well done Parker. Enjoy your busy week. I want to go fruit picking this weekend but not sure it will happen.

  2. Enjoy your night 'out out'! I'm looking forward to arranging a night out for us at some point - although I'm not quite sure when! Well done Parker on his first steps x

  3. Woohoo, go Parker! Sounds like you have a fab weekend planned, enjoy!

  4. Teething sucks big time, thinking of you! Xxx


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