Birthdays, Treasure Maps & The Olympics | #LittlesLoves


Happy Friday! I took a week off last week, but I'm back with my Little Loves! This week has been absolutely non-stop, and I'm thankful that my mother in law has the littles today, so I can catch up on blogging, and actually relax a bit. 


It was my birthday on Wednesday, so it was my turn to read lovely birthday wishes! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I had such a lovely day with my sister and nephews, topped off with an afternoon visit to Ightham Mote with Jack and the kids. 

Birthdays are so different now I'm a mummy - my first present was a 6am wake-up and Parker's poopy nappy. But Indie singing happy birthday to me totally made up for it!


Olympics, Olympics and more Olympics! Does anyone else just leave it on all day, switching between Channel One and Two when needed?

Jack and I also watched a film we picked up ages ago called In Time. It's got Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried in it, and is all about time being the currency and how to survive. I'm not really explaining it well (watch the trailer haha), but it was actually quite good. I'd definitely recommend it.


Parker is becoming a little chatterbox, just like his big sister! His new favourite thing at the moment is to jump on my lap, grab my hands and shout 'row row'. It's bringing back so many memories of when Indiana was little. I've just looked at her update from roughly the same age, and my two are literally identical!


I'm cheating slightly as technically Jack made it, but we made a treasure map! It was so much fun and Indiana absolutely loved the treasure hunt. It was so easy to do and a completely free activity - I've blogged about our little adventure here.


How gorgeous does this cheeky boy look in his Lamb & Bear leggings? I teamed it with his ROAR Jumper from Next; I think it's my new favourite outfit of his!

And Lastly...
For my birthday Jack got us tickets to the Harry Potter Studios Tour, and I am SO excited! We're visiting tomorrow and staying overnight, which will be our second night baby free in a month - amazing!!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Glad you had a lovely birthday! They certainly are a different experience when you become a mummy! Absolutely love those Lamb & Bear leggings, he looks so cheeky. Fab idea with the treasure map too, I bet Indiana loved it xx

  2. Happy Birthday for Wednesday! Your treasure hunt looks like so much fun - I used to love things like that when I was little (I still would now to be honest!). Hope you have a lovely time tomorrow xx

  3. A big Happy Birthday!! You know, they say the bestest people are born in August (mine is on Sunday :)). Hope you have a brilliant time at Harry Potter studios. We've had the Olympics permanently on too. I'll be sad to see it finish!

  4. Happy belated birthday! I am loving those Lamb and Bear leggings!! Have a wonderful time at HP Studio Tour! #LittleLove

  5. Happy birthday. I watched in time a while back and enjoyed it too. Love the sound of your treasure hunt. My eldest would love that.

  6. So pleased you had a lovely birthday!
    Parker's outfit is so cute, you can't beat a printed leggings and tshirt combo.
    Hope you had fun at the HP Studio tour xx


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