Harry Potter Studios, Ice Creams & An Anniversary | #LittleLoves


Happy Friday! What an absolute scorcher of a week! I was totally not prepared for another heat wave, and honestly we've hidden inside most of the week to escape it. Here's what we've been loving this week.


Jack and I had a baby free weekend (the second this month!), and visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour on Saturday. I loved actually having the time to stop to read all the information, rather than race around after the kids. If you're a Harry Potter nerd like us, I'd 100% recommend a visit!


Bake Off is back!! I was absolutely gutted when Jack told me he was playing football Wednesday night, as it meant I had to wait. It was worth it though, and Jack's already got the baking bug.

X-Factor is also back tomorrow which I'm rather excited about!


It was lovely having time just the two of us, but we couldn't wait to pick the kids up on Sunday afternoon. We were greeted by lots of giggles and stories of their adventures. It was definitely way too quiet without them!


A mess! I know this is probably cheating, but it's been too hot to actually do much this week haha. We visited a local park to meet some friends on Wednesday, so of course had to get an ice cream. Parker grabbed it straight out of my hands and was a very sticky mess by the end!


Technically they haven't worn them yet, but how cute are these outfits for my sister's wedding? It's taken me AGES to find something suitable as I'm rather picky, but I just couldn't resist when I saw these.

Parker's outfit is all from Zara, and he'll be matching Jack who's got a very similar one. Indiana's dress is from Next and I'm just waiting for her matching sparkly shoes! I've got 5 dresses for myself on order, so hopefully at least one of those will fit...

And Lastly...
 It was our 2 year 'engageiversary' - is that a thing - on Tuesday. Haha, basically it's been two years since Jack proposed in Paris! It was an amazing trip and hopefully one year we'll go back.

Have a lovely week!


  1. Oh I adore those dungarees - super cute! Congrats on your 2 year engagement anniversary x

  2. I LOVE those dungarees, so adorable!! I am a HUGE Harry Potter freak and went to the studio tour a few years ago, I am so eager to go back though as they have even more stuff now than when I went! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. The wedding outfits for the little ones are too cute!!

    I so badly want to visit the Harry Potter studios, and kicking myself I never took the opportunity when living in London. Now we're in Wales, it isn't all that likely to happen! From the post you shared it looks like you had a really great time.

    I hope you and your family have a lovely weekend :-)

  4. I am so desperate to visit Harry Potter Studios, but I definitely think it will need to be a kid-free trip. I am such a HP nerd that I'd want to really take it all in, not run after a toddler! It's been so hot here too, we did visit the beach once but we've hidden a bit too. I'm looking forward to cooler weather now. We love GBBO too, I actually might do some baking this week - if I get time! :) xx

  5. I went to Harry Potter Studios a few weeks ago and it was great! Although I took Zach, so I would definitely love to go back baby-free and take a bit longer looking at everything! I love the wedding outfits - soooo cute xx #LittleLoves

  6. Happy 2 year engageiversary! :) I have been to Harry Potter Studios but we took Little so I would love to go back with no children in tow! I love their little outfits :D #LittleLoves

  7. Oh I loved Paris! Yay for two years since you got engaged. LOVE those outfits! x

  8. Engageaversary is totally a thing. We always wish each other Happy Engagement Anniversary, it was 9 years on the 18th August since my hubby proposed.
    I love Parker's outfit for the wedding, so cute! xx


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