Mummy & Me | August


It took me a long time to decide whether to post the photo below on social media or not. I've changed a lot since having my two - two children close together meant a lot of extra weight, and a need for a lot of extra cake too! In the end I decided to post it, and the amount of love I got blew me away. 

I may have changed a lot since having children. But just look at those two little people by my side. They call me mama, and they think I'm bloody fab (most of the time I'd hope haha). I couldn't be happier, and they are honestly worth every extra lb and every single stretch mark.

So here's my mummy and me for August. Me and my two toddlers!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Ahhh I love these photo's, especially the second one! So lovely and natural as ever! #MummyandMe

  2. Beautiful pictures! Both kids are looking so grown up! Xx

  3. You look fab! I have been feeling a bit meh about myself recently but have decided to make a change now .. just hope it works and I can stay away from the cake! Ahhh xx

  4. You are gorgeous sweetie!! And just look at those little faces whenever you doubt that. Thanks for linking up with #mummyandme x


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