My Wild Ones #25 | Wandering Free


Parker is a fiercely independent little boy. I remember this stage with Indiana so well, between 12 and 18 months. The 'I've learnt to walk. I must walk everywhere, and only where I want to walk!' stage. 

It's hilarious, but also completely exhausting (especially with two running in opposite directions now). It's so lovely to watch though, and this little explorer couldn't be happier when he gets released from his pram to wander free.

While Indiana was having a blast on her treasure hunt last weekend, Parker was doing this. Running (well, trying haha) in and out of the grass, onto the golf course and chasing deer. He always chooses to run in the complete opposite direction of where we're going though. Then gives you the cheekiest grins when you tell him to come back!

I know this stage doesn't last forever though. It won't be long before he's asking to be carried, or refusing to walk, because Indiana did the exact same thing. So for now I'm going to cherish these moments, and let my little explorer run wild and free.



  1. aww bless him. Where does time go though? I still think of him as a little baby. My G is 18months and we are in the same stage. He can climb out of his pram straps and I do think it is funny and cute but I just can't shop. I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Just please let me be able to shop again ;)

  2. He is such a happy chappy! I cannot believe how fast he seems to have grown up!!

  3. Lovely to read about your little explorers. It certainly seems like you have your hands full. #MyWildOnes

  4. Awww Parker what a cutie. I miss those days with Noah when his little legs would take him ages to get up and down hills running around.

    Such beautiful photos Emily. xxx


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