My Wild Ones #26 | Blogging Friends & Ice Creams


It's been another scorcher of a week; something I really wasn't expecting after the weekend's rubbish weather! We decided to make the most of it though, so armed with sun hats and plenty of sun cream, we headed to a local park to meet some friends. 

I absolutely love the blogging community, and have been lucky enough to speak to, and meet some lovely people and their little ones. After first meeting Harriet from Life with Mrs Lee at a blogging event a few months ago, we've met a few times since. Our girls are only a few weeks apart in age, so it's lovely for Indiana to spend more time with children her age.

We arrived a little early, so headed straight down to the lake to find some hungry ducks. I actually remembered to bring some bread, so while Parker fought his nap (always the case when you go out isn't it!), Indie did the bread throwing.

Once all the bread was gone we wandered around slowly to meet Harriet and Bella. Indiana was beside herself with excitement, and I'm surprised she didn't explode when she saw them arrive! The girls ran to each other for a quick cuddle, and after more suncream we went to find a shady spot - the girls walking along hand-in-hand.

Of course it wasn't all hand holding and giggles, and I didn't expect it to be either - two two year old little girls is a dangerous combination haha. But between the lack of sharing they had a lovely time, and I think Parker definitely enjoyed all the female attention too.

There's no doubt the best part of the afternoon though was visiting the cafe for an ice cream treat! Indiana chose white chocolate and I shared a vanilla cone with Parker. He absolutely loved it, and was stealing it out of my hands to have his share. Of course he was a sticky ice cream mess by the end of it, but isn't that what summer is all about?

We had the loveliest afternoon, even if it was a little too hot. And Indiana already can't wait to play again!


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  1. That photo of the girls holding hands is just the sweetest. Looks like you had a brilliant time enjoying the sunshine and if you can't get into a sticky ice creamy mess when it's boiling then when can you eh?
    Thanks for linking up to #mywildones


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