Peppa Pig World, Bathtubs & A First Birthday | #LittleLoves


I'm writing this on Thursday evening, the end of Parker's birthday! It's been a crazily busy week, and despite a few niggles it's been one of my favourites of the whole year. We had a trip down to Southampton to visit Peppa Pig World, lots of family time and lots and lots of celebrating. If you follow me on social media I apologise for the complete spam recently, but I hope you've enjoyed seeing what we've got up to!


So many wonderful birthday messages and well wishes for Parker! Thank you to everyone who wished him a happy birthday, he's one lucky little boy.


Staying in a Travelodge for a couple of nights, we were limited to what we could watch (especially as the four of us were in one room). I luckily had my Mac with me, so we hopped in the bath and watched Netflix while we waited for the kids to fall asleep. We watched a filmed called Pain & Gain which I still don't really understand - I wouldn't recommend it though haha.


There are two songs on the radio at the moment that seem to be following us. Mamacita by Tinie Tempah - awful. And Don't Mind by Kent Jones (I had no idea it was called that either, we call it the Konnichiwa song) - even bloody worse! At least it's not Drake on repeat I suppose.


As I mentioned above we 'made' the journey down to Southampton from Sunday to Tuesday. Peppa Pig World was so much fun, and even though it rained nearly all day it didn't ruin the experience. Keep an eye out for a post on our visit next week!

I was in full on birthday prep mode on Wednesday, and had far too much fun setting this lot up. The photo bunting shows Parker throughout his first year. I made the exact same thing for Indiana, so just knew I needed to recreate it. 


I actually bought myself something that I actually LOVE this week! This dress is from Boohoo and it's my new favourite. It's really flattering as it doesn't hug my mum tum - if only it was sunny when I decided to wear it haha.

Parker looked like such a big boy in his birthday outfit yesterday! His tee was custom made from Blueberry Boo Kids, and his crown was from Teddy Bobbins. I picked up the Converse on eBay - they're not something Indiana can wear with her wide feet, so I'm thrilled Parker can.

And Lastly...
With all of Parker's birthday celebrations I didn't want Indiana feeling left out, so here's a picture of my little diva... the sass this 2 year old has is insane!


  1. Happy Birthday Parker! I absolutely LOVE the photo bunting!! Such a gorgeous idea. Sounds like you have had a wonderful week celebrating! Popping over from #LITTLELOVE linky xx

  2. Oh your kiddies are beautiful! Love the personalised birthday tee - fabulous. Also really like that dress of yours! Hope you've had a great week xx #LittleLoves x

  3. What a lovely Little Loves Emily! So much good stuff all in one post. It looks like you've had a fab week celebrating Parker's birthday, the photo bunting is such a great idea too. xx


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