Peppa Pig World | A First Birthday Visit


My two have suddenly become obsessed with Peppa Pig, so there was no question as to where we going to visit for Parker's first birthday - Peppa Pig World! 

Just a few hours away from us in Hampshire, Peppa Pig World is part of Paulton's Park theme park. It features 7 rides and attractions, as well as a huge indoor soft play, outside play area and a splash park.   Not forgetting the biggest Peppa shop I've ever seen! As we had pre-booked and travelled down, we had no idea the day we visited would be a wet one (do bare in mind Paulton's Park don't offer a rainy day money back guarantee), but we didn't let the rain spoil our fun!

We visited on Monday August 1st which is in the summer holidays, so it was busy - but not as busy as I expected. We headed straight to Peppa Pig World, with Indiana buzzing with excitement the whole way. 

With Parker being practically 12 months (just a few days difference), it was a perfect day out. He could ride everything apart from George's Dinosaur Adventure, where children have to be a minimum of 85cm. Most rides are slow and gentle and it meant we could all queue and spend time together, instead of one parent sitting out for every ride. 

First stop for us for Peppa's Big Balloon Ride! As mentioned above it was slightly busy, so we did have to queue for every ride. Nothing was longer than 20 minutes, but it was a struggle with a toddler who doesn't understand waiting, and a baby who wants to walk everywhere. Make sure to have lots of snacks to hand to keep little ones entertained and busy haha.

We spent a good bit of time hopping between rides and taking in all the scenery. The area is really well themed with model characters to spot and the well loved tunes playing throughout. At random times throughout the day you can meet the stars themselves too. Then you can do official meet and greets (where you can take your own pictures) with Peppa and George at time slots.

We met Zoe Zebra, Susie Sheep, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig over the course of the day. The system in place for these meet and greets was awful in our opinion though. It was a free for all, with parents throwing their children at the characters - you would have honestly thought they were celebrities they way people were acting. Poor Indiana has always be taught to wait her turn, and wouldn't go up to them when other people were there. I think lines need to be put in place to make it more organised.

We took our own picnic as prices can usually be quite high in these kind of places. Luckily there were plenty of spots to sit and eat, and lots of these were under cover too (perfect for us in the rain, or if the sun does come out). 

We were quite impressed with prices in the park though. They were on the higher end but not crazy, and the kids lunch boxes were definitely a good deal! Despite the rain we enjoyed yummy Mr Whippy ice creams, which was probably one of Indie's highlights of the day.

After food and ice creams it was back to the rides again! Both kids really enjoyed them but I think the balloons were definitely the favourite of the day (I much preferred Grandpa Pig's Boats though).

A number of rides and attractions have official photo spots; the school house, cars, and dinosaur ride. You can buy these individually, or buy a photo pass for £25, which lets you choose 5 photos from across the whole of Paulton's Park. We didn't buy any as they weren't all that great (a 2 year old is not going to pose for that perfect photo haha), but I think it's great that the option is there.

No visit would be complete without a trip to your friend and mine.. Mr Potato! The play area is located in the middle of the park, behind Windy Castle, and is huge. Both kids found plenty to keep them occupied, and I wasn't worried about accident as the floor was so spongey. 

Next to the park is the Muddy Puddles Splash Park. This would have been perfect during the heatwave we had a few weeks ago, but wasn't really needed on a rainy day - although there were quite a few kids still in there!

One of the final stops of the day was to the gift shop. You can pretty much find anything with Peppa on it in there, so do be prepared. We treated Indie and Parker to a small cuddly toy each (£6.99 each). Peppa, George and Mr Dinosaur have become firm favourites ever since!

We spent a good few hours at Peppa Pig World, however I would 100% recommend going out into the rest of the park and exploring. There are plenty of rides little ones can go on, and it's all included in the price anyway! We ventured over to the new dinosaur area and found a fantastic little rollercoaster. There was no queue at all so managed to go on a number of times. 

We had the most amazing day despite the rain and queues, and cannot wait to take the kids back again. Children under 1 metre are free of charge, and then tickets are £30 each after that - although you can buy advanced tickets which are cheaper! We'd also recommend staying over either the night before or after to make the most of your visit too. We stayed at the Southampton Central Travelodge for 2 nights so were close to the park, and didn't have to rush leaving either. 

Have you ever visited Peppa Pig World? What's your child's favourite ride?
Disclosure - We were gifted tickets to Paulton's Park in exchange for our honest review
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  1. Looks like you had a fab day despite the rain. we went 3 years ago and loved it, I too always recommend to friends to pop into the main park too, really get the money worth as well then. #TriedTested x

  2. Lovely photos! Just a shame about the rain and queues. We went last summer and loved it, I'd really like to go back x #triedtested

  3. I'm glad you didn't allow the rain to stop play! We haven't been to Peppa Pig World as our three kids have managed to swerve the craze of the pink pig ;)
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  4. I love Paultons Park but haven't been since Peppa Pig World was built. It looks like you had a fun day out :o)


  5. You have written this review at the perfect time for me. We are taking our peppa obsessed boy here on Sunday for his third birthday, it looks like he's going to love it. Glad you all had a great day despite the rain xz #TriedTested

  6. Peppa Pig World is on our summer bucket list - I know my little 2 would love it! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  7. Belated birthday wishes Parker!
    W loves Peppa pig so I'd love to take him here - we'd need to make an overnight stay out of it too. So great to read a bit more about it so I can prepare for queues and photo carnage! Xx

  8. We had our first experience at Peppa Pig World this summer, and I have to say it was great fun! My husband and I were a little dubious since we are slightly concerned about our daughters' obsessions with Peppa Pig, but yes, it was a brilliant day out. We chose a day during the heatwave, however, so the splash parks were very well received!


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