Strawberry & Banana Smoothies with the Nutribaby


Getting fruit into your child's diet can sometimes be a struggle. Indiana (2.5) has started this habit where if something looks 'dirty' she won't touch it. There's so many items of fruit out there that change colour when the air touches it (apples for example), so she's taken to refusing these and others. 

A great way we've found to get fruit item them is by making it fun and exciting. A smoothie mixes it up a bit and my two love the fruity treat. We've been using our Nutribaby to make some yummy strawberry and banana smoothies. It's a really simple recipe, and as the blender is so easy to use, it's great to let the kids get involved too.

You will need:

2 medium bananas
10 medium to large strawberries
2tbsp natural yoghurt
300ml full fat milk

The Nutribaby does come with a fab booklet full of recipe ideas, however we made our one up ourselves. You can obviously adjust the measurement to suit, and add more or less milk depending on how thick you want the smoothie - we made it quite thin as Parker was a lot younger when we first made it.

Step 1 - Chop the fruit and add to the blender

Step 2 - Add the yoghurt and milk (you can pre- measure this or use the measurements on the Nutribaby)

Step 3 - Blend! Start slowly to break down the fruit, and then increase the speed to make it smooth.

Step 4 - Pour and enjoy. As simple as that!

It's definitely a recipe the whole family can enjoy (this made enough for about four adults). The Nutribaby is so simple to use and easy to clean after too. Keep an eye out for more recipes made using the Nutribaby on my blog in the future.

Disclosure - We are part of the Babymoov #stresslessweaning team. We received the Nutribaby as part of this project.

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  1. I'll have to have a go at this as i've got all of those ingredients! He looks like he's enjoying it. May have to sub the milk for something else so the baby can drink it x


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