A Trip to the Zoo // Howletts in Summer


We had a glorious Bank holiday Monday down here in Kent. We decided to make use of our Howlett's annual passes, and headed to the zoo for a big family day out. 

From the moment we arrived, Parker wanted to be out of his pushchair. He was in his element running around, exploring and animal spotting. He was fascinated by everything and got so excited every time he spotted an animal.

As we visited with my sister and my brother in law, there were plenty of adults around to keep and eye on the children. Indiana loved being able to run off exploring. It also meant Jack and I were able to walk slowly alongside Parker, keeping him on the right path.

Parker wasn't only excited by the animals though. It was feeding time down by the elephants, so there were lots of tractors and zoo vehicles about. He absolutely loved them, and was climbing up the railings just to get a closer look. He's such a typical boy!

Not only did Indie love spending time with her aunties and uncles, but with her cousins too. I feel so lucky that we are all so close, so the children have each other to play with. They're a cheeky bunch, and photographing them does require bribery (crisps worked a treat this time!), but the results are always so sweet.

Freddie, my eldest nephew, is definitely the leader and the younger three love to follow. Although it does lead to some mischievous behaviour, they are so funny to watch!

We ended our visit with a trip to the gorillas (Indie now says they're her favourite), and of course a game of jumping the posts. I remember taking similar pictures during a visit earlier in the year, and can't believe how much Indie has grown already.

This was our third visit already since March, and I'm sure we'll be back before our passes run out. There's nothing like a trip to the zoo - animals, picnics, ice creams and lots of exploring for my little wild ones!



  1. How lovely that you're such a close family! It looks like you all had a fab day, I can't wait to go to the Zoo with my little one. Xx

  2. Looks like a fab zoo. Definitely make use of your passes. Love that Parker is at the age where trips like this are just SO exciting. Love indi with her bunches, super cute. Lovely photos xxx


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