James Arthur, Biscuits & an Extra Long Summer | #LittlesLoves


Happy Friday! Time for another #littleloves weekly round up...


I've read so many blog posts I've enjoyed this week, but this one by Sian (Quite Frankly She Said) really stood out. It's amazing how people think it's acceptable to say certain things to parents, especially when it comes to the gender of their children.

I have one of each, and constantly get 'ooh, perfect' or 'no need for another!'. But does it really matter? My children would be perfect either way, and it most definitely doesn't stop me wanting another!


I have been absolutely loving Victoria on ITV1. I'm a sucker for a period drama, and this one has really drawn me in.

I also watched my two dance their little socks off at my sister's wedding. Parker danced until he crashed around 9pm, and even Indiana managed to keep going until 11pm. Everyone loved their outfits and said how well behaved they were; my little super stars!


I absolutely loved James Arthur when he was on the X Factor. He's recently come back with a new track, and I LOVE it! He's got such a gorgeous voice, and this song is beautiful.


Technically we didn't make the biscuits, but we did 'make' the decorations! It was so much fun, and a very tasty afternoon snack afterwards too.


It's been so warm this week, I had to get back out the kid's summer clothes! It's been good to get a few more weeks use out of them I suppose though. It's raining again today, so fingers crossed those autumn clothes can be used soon!

Of course I couldn't forget the wedding outfits too. Indiana would probably still be wearing her pretty dress and sparkly shoes if I let her haha.

And Lastly...
Anyone else get really excited when kid's programmes announce a new series? New Go Jetters, a Doc Mcstuffins series and Paw Patrol... No more repeats, yay!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Gorgeous family photo Emily!
    I love how proud Indiana looks in her outfit, I'm not surprised though, that dress and those shoes are just so pretty.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Aww, that dress is adorable!

    I started to sort out my Autumn clothes last weekend thinking I would need them this week - but it's been so hot, hasn't it! xxx #LittleLoves

  3. The picture of you as a 4 is gorgeous, you all look lovely in your wedding outfits! Love the biscuit decorating idea, definitely going to try that with Parker xx

  4. You all looked lovely for the wedding - I love how Daddy and Parker matched; cute!

    I hope you have a great weekend :-)

  5. Ahhh what a beautiful family captures. I don't balme her for not wanting her pretty heels off either. Gorgeous. I will have to check out victoria too love period drama myself. Hope you have a lovely week I am popping over so late from #littleloves this week. :)

  6. Haha.. That last part of me giggling! There's only so much of the same episode you can take before you go crazy!


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