New Books, Paw Patrol & Deer Poo | #LittleLoves


Hellooo Friday! We've had another busy week with little adventures here and there. Now Parker is older and Indiana is so good in knickers, going out is just so much easier. I don't need to pack a huge bag, I can take the smaller pushchair and I don't have to stick to places with a toilet every 5 minutes haha.

It's given me so much more motivation to go out, and I really think the kid's are benefiting from it - and so's my sanity (seriously two toddlers in a small space all day can get very overwhelming).

So what have I been loving this week...


I've mentioned before how much of a book worm I used to be, and I'm hoping the kids get my love for reading too. Their bookshelf is packed full of books, but you can never have enough! We recently got The Works in our town, and they had a 5 for £5 offer on books. I love that they have a mixture of classics and new books to discover. How could I resist Mog?


This one be a mischievous little boy. He has the face of an angel, and is so sweet and loving. But my goodness is he hard work! We popped to Knole after shopping at the weekend, and he spent the whole trip trying (and succeeding) to eat deer poo. Yuck!


"Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, we''ll be there on the double..."

Indiana's obsession has moved on to Paw Patrol. She sings the theme tune, knows all the characters, and has demanded a Paw Patrol party. Send help!


The kids made an absolute mess decorating their own pizzas. It was such an easy activity, but was definitely a hit with my two. Mine was pretty tasty too.

Indiana and I also had loads of fun getting crafty for Halloween! I know it's early, but we just couldn't resist. Keep and eye out on The Parent Pod for a tutorial on our fluffy ghosts, coming soon.


I love finding new and exciting brands on Instagram. So after seeing Turtledove London pop up on so many of my favourite feeds, I just couldn't resist ordering these bits. The tops and leggings are new collection, and the dungarees were an absolute bargain in the sale. Parker is one lucky boy!

And Lastly...

I've never thought Indie and Parker look that much alike. She's always been smaller and chunkier, and he was the tall skinny one. She looked like Jack and he looked like me. However the older they've got, the more alike they get (and the less like me Parker looks). This week I managed to capture them looking practically identical! I don't look like either of my siblings, so this is so lovely for me.

Have a lovely week!


  1. Such a lovely week Emily.
    You guys have been up to lots of fun activities (well, apart from the eating deer poo bit obviously, haha!)
    Parkers new clothes are very cool! Buying kids clothes is my weakness, I'd spend a fortune if I could get away with it!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Sounds like a good week you've had!

    I picked up some books in The Works deal for toddler this week also - he is such a bookworm, and whilst we visit the library once a week for new books, I always feel like we're reading the same things over and over again, so some new books were needed for his own collection. You snagged some great ones!

    Love the new clothing bits you picked up, and your tow little ones definitely look identical in the picture you shared! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love The Works but local one closed down! :-( And I adore Mog too, I say I buy them for my daughter really I get them for me! :-) xxx #LittleLoves

  4. We have a Paw Patrol fan here too! H absolutely loves it and I find myself singing the song all day! Loving Parkers new clothes! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  5. They really do look alike on that photo, so cute. O used to be obsessed with Paw Patrol, he's now moved onto Power Rangers Dino-Charge, not much better! xx

  6. It sounds like you've had a busy week! I need to pop down to our local The Works store, and see if they have The Nutty Nut Chase, looks like a perfect Autumn read. I adore that dinosaur jumper Parker is wearing, where is it from? Him and Indiana do look SO alike, even more so in that photo. Those fluffy ghosts look fantastic, will definitely keep an eye out for the tutorial :) xx

    1. The tshirt is current next collection, the little rain coat is mothercare but is old (it was my nephews who's indianas age haha) xx

  7. Oh my goodness love love the outfit on parker and what a bargain I am the same abou finding new shops on instagram. I need to find new ones for older kiddos now my two are out of the baby section clothes this year. So sad they grow up way too fast. We have a paw patrol obsession in this house too. Have you seen my Paw Patrol Double birthday party for my two last week. It's a firm favorite of the kids and they squeal when they saw their cake my mom made them it was hilarious. I sing it in my sleep now. Popping over to say hello. Hope you have had a lovely weekend. #littleloves

  8. That is such a great offer in the works! My local one is less than 5 minutes away so i'll have to pop in, cant resist a good book. Also I thought your pizzas looked great :) we used to do that as kids but for some reason I didn't really think of having a go with Lu. I know she's pretty young but I think we'll give it a try anyway.

  9. Ha Ha the deer poo cracked me up! Sounds like you have had a fab week.


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