The Parent Pod, Selfish Mother & A Wedding | #LittleLoves


Happy Friday! I was gutted to have missed my Little Loves post last week, so I'm glad to be back joining in this week. I love rounding up our week, and remembering the little things (especially after the slightly stressful week I've had!) Here's my #litteloves this week:


Hmm, let's just move along here...


Have you heard of The Parent Pod? It's a brand new collaborative Youtube channel made by parents, for parents! We're so excited to be involved alongside some fantastic company.

There have been some really fab first videos uploaded, so make sure you check them out. Help us out by subscribing, or even get involved if you want to!


It's rare these days to still love a song years later - I find most are ruined by being played a thousand times a day on the radio, so I get sick of it. 

Where is the Love? by The Black Eyed Peas has always been a favourite though. And I'm loving the re-released version. It's such a strong message, and definitely something we need right now.


I will happily admit I'm not a lover of cooking. I'm not very good at it either to be honest! I can follow a recipe, but whether it actually turns out right is down to luck really.

I've definitely got better over the years though, and this Toad in the Hole I made in the week was pretty damn good, if I do say so myself!


The hints and pestering finally paid off, and Jack got me a Mother Jumper for my birthday! I love it and have been living in it since. It's soo comfortable, and is going to be perfect now the weather is changing.

I've loved sorting out the children's Autumn / Winter wardrobes too. I've been waiting to put Indie back in her ankle boots and mustards for so long now! 

And Lastly...

It's my sister's wedding day today (congratulations Laura!) so we're off to party later! Now the question is, to drink or not to drink? Hmm...

Have a lovely week!


  1. The Parent Pod sounds great, I'll be heading over to take a look.
    Yay for the Mother jumper!! I love it when husbands take hints ;)
    Enjoy your sister's wedding party later xxx

  2. The MOTHER jumper is on my birthday list this year as well.
    I am excited to see what Parent Pod has coming up in future videos. Great blog Emily. xx

  3. Love love the Mother jumper, I have a black one I live in too. They are great so are the tshirts too for future bday presents. :) I haven't heard of the Parent Pod but sounds so great will have to check it out. I am trying to really work on my youtube and vlogging more. ;) Enjoy your sister's wedding with a drink girl. Popping over #littleloves

  4. Love the Mother jumper - it looks so cosy! The picture of you three is gorgeous. Hope you enjoyed your sisters wedding! xx

  5. I have a Mother jumper too and live in it - soooo comfy and cosy aren't they? I didn't know they had re-released Where is the Love (I'm pretty sure I live under a rock) but I love that song xx

  6. Your food looks yummy! I have been the same with reading. Since we got back off holiday, I haven't read a thing!! Xx


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