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Baby at the Table: Weaning the Italian Way | Book Review + Giveaway {CLOSED}


When you're a mama of two (especially two toddlers) everyday is a whirlwind. Between playing, nappies and keeping them out of trouble, there isn't much time to think up exciting meals. I've found myself sticking to what I know, and I can honestly say I'm bored of the meals - I can only imagine how the kids feel!

Baby at the Table by Michela and Emanuela Chiappa introduces the Italian way of weaning. Involving clever combinations and simple ingredients; the meals and treats inside have been created to not only help your weaning baby, but get everyone eating the same meal at the table. 

The book offers a 3 step guide to weaning.
"Baby: a foolproof introduction to their first steps in food
Toddler: happy, healthy tummies for them and a stress-free life for you
Family: feed your whole family (baby included) one meal"
We followed baby led weaning with both children, so the puree section wasn't useful to us. However the section isn't just about recipes. There is a fab 'is your baby ready' guide which provides some great information. There's even a handy list of foods to avoid! They've really got everything covered in this book.

The second section focuses on your toddler and easy snack ideas - as well as tips of avoiding a fussy eater. I totally agree two is a tricky age when it comes to food (Indiana will be 3 in November). Hidden foods is a great idea, and I absolutely love the smoothie section; even Jack said he wants to try them out!

We tried Our Way With Toast, for breakfast and it was a success all round. We let the children pick out the shapes and as it was so quick they didn't get bored waiting. Jack and I had ours with beans, so it was a lovely family meal time. 

Family, the final section, is definitely my favourite. With baby led weaning you're encouraged to eat as a family, and the ideas here are so simple yet tasty, we can all enjoy them (Jack made the Baked Mac and Cheese and it was SO good).

We've had recipe books on our shelves for years, and we've already made and enjoyed more meals from this one in just a few weeks. It is packed full of useful information, the pictures are stunning and the family feel you get from it just makes me want to get in kitchen.

Indiana has definitely been enjoying it too. Especially as it's meant lots of fun cooking with mummy and daddy!

Fancy winning one for yourself? I've got a copy of the book to giveaway too! Just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below to be in with a chance..

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  1. Banana.

    Rachel Craig

  2. My daughter loves strawberries and grapes, she's always asking for them. :)

  3. My daughter loves strawberries!

  4. spaghetti bolognese

  5. At the moment Parker loves homemade Macaroni Cheese with Sneaky Peas! He is going through a (very) fussy eating stage right now! xx

  6. Ooo this looks fab and would be ideal for Elsie as we're just starting to wean xx

  7. Spaghetti Bolognise is my sons

  8. My son Jake is obsessed with corn on the cob at the moment. Well to be honest anything that's edible haha. First time reading your blog Emily and I absolutely love it, your doing such a great job!
    I'm a subscriber of yours, I enjoy your channel very much! XX

  9. Spaghetti for my toddler and nectarine for my little baby

  10. My daughter used to love pickled onions!

  11. Fruit salad (@PeanutHog)

  12. Strawberries -@TheChrissyComps Christopher Read

  13. Macaroni cheese is his favourite xx

  14. My son loves pasta and garlic bread

  15. My eldests favourite food is pizza..just like me. She does love risotto though and always asks for seconds. Currently just started weaning my little one, she seems to like banana and rusk. Can't wait to introduce her to some new flavours! Fingers crossed! X

  16. My daughter loves pasta with tomato sauce! Especially feeding herself......I think she enjoys the mess it makes more!!


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