Finding Dory, Birthday Planning & New Boots | #LittleLoves


I found this week pretty hard to write about. I'm not sure whether it's the colder weather or my anxiety playing up, but I've just not wanted to leave the house much.

We visited my sister Monday which was lovely, but that's about it. Of course we've kept busy at home, but I definitely think I need to make the most of this weekend - I just feel so much better about going out when Jack's around!

Anyway, onto this week's #littleloves...


I've read a number of fab blog posts this week. I absolutely loved this one from Hannah - I wish I put more effort into my maternity wardrobe, and I soo wish I had a bump so I could enter this. So if you are expecting, make sure to go over and join in!


Indie and I had a little mummy daughter date Saturday morning at the cinema. Odeon have a fab children's movie morning at the weekend, and tickets are only £2.50 for adults and children. It's a bargain and we had loads of fun watching Finding Dory. I think I appreciated it more than she did!

I also watched Parker get his first haircut! I honestly couldn't believe he needed one already, especially as Indie was still practically bald at this age. He was such a good boy, but definitely didn't look impressed.


The most wonderful news from my sister! Okay so I've know she's pregnant for a while, but to hear about her 12 week scan, and see the little bean was so so lovely. Indiana has said she wants it to be a girl - but I don't think she really understands that that means she'll lose her place as Queen (she's currently the only girl cousin). Either way I cannot wait for squishy baby cuddles!


We've been loving autumn crafts this week. Indiana made Jack a 'beautiful' card. I literally had to take the stickers out of her hand in the end, she was getting a bit too carried away haha.

We also 'made' plans for Indiana's 3rd birthday. This will be her first proper party and I'm so excited for her. Now to just think of a theme!


Boots, boots, boots! I finally got myself some new pairs, and have been living in them since. I also picked up these gorgeous Timberland style boots for P from Mothercare. 

I'm also in love with this mustard jumper I picked up in Primark too. Their Autumn range at the moment is fab - I filmed a little haul if you want to see what else I got on a recent trip.

And Lastly...
I am too excited for this weekend! We've planned to go pumpkin picking tomorrow, and fingers crossed we can capture this month's Me and Mine pictures while we're there too. Sunday will be a day of relaxing and probably getting together last minute holiday bits together... bliss!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your little cinema date - I've heard good things about Finding Dory. I've never taken Alexander to the cinema before, but we're planning to for his third birthday. Is your little one pretty good at sitting through a film? Alexander's like a ball of energy, but an engaging film means he'll sit for more than two minutes. I've not taken him before because I'm a bit anxious about that to be honest!

    Ah, love the kids autumn outfits, and your jumper. Last minute holiday bits? Where are you off to? If you don't mind me asking! I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Go for it! We took indie for the first time around d 2, and this time she's almost 3- she sat still the whole time and absolutely love it. If you go to one of the special children's showings the tickets are cheaper so it'll feel less of a waste if you do leave though! We're off to Norfolk - need lots of warm clothing and food :) xx

  2. I love your jumper! I'm off to Primark tomorrow and hoping to find some cosy Autumn numbers x

  3. Wish we had an Odeon nearby because I begrudge paying £££'s to take Scarlett to the cinema when I don't know if she'll even sit through it! Love Parkers boots <3 #LittleLoves

  4. Saturday mornnng cinema club is an utter bargain! I really should make more time to go! Lovely news about your sister, congratulations! Love the colour of your jumper, my sister told me about that jumper this week, going to have to pop to the local primary to have a look!

  5. Parker's new boots are lovely, I've never considered Mothercare for shoes (crazy really!). What a great deal for the cinema, I can't wait until Parker is able to go although I think that'll be a while yet. How nice to have some time just the two of you. Enjoy your weekend! xx

  6. We loved Finding Dory too, it's such a cute film and for £2.50 a ticket too!
    Their outfits and your jumper - all the heart eyes!! I'm off to watch your Primark haul now xx


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