London, The Chiappas & Autumn Wardrobes | #LittleLoves


How is it Friday again? This week has whizzed by despite not really doing much! Jack and I celebrated our anniversary on Sunday, so had a perfect baby free weekend in London to celebrate. I missed them of course, but sometimes you really do just need time as a couple. Oh and a lay in!

Anyway, onto this week's #littleloves...


This. So powerful and I think a lot of us mamas can totally relate.


Does anyone else record loads of films when they're on the TV, and then completely forget about them? Jack and I do this all the time; usually because there's so much to watch on TV we never have time to watch a film!

We made the effort to watch Last Vegas this week, and it was SO worth it! Much funnier than I was expecting, and the main cast are all fantastic. Definitely worth a watch.


Time for another 'Indie-ism' I think! She's turning into such a sassy little madam with her words. Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or be shocked..

Indiana (while struggling to undo her trousers): "eurgh, they're winding me up mummy!"

I honestly don't know where she picks some of the things up from sometimes!


I'm not a great cook, and I'm not shy in admitting I don't really enjoy it. I've been absolutely loving our new cookbook 'Baby at the Table' recently though. The recipes are so easy and as it's a children's cookbook, there's no added worry of whether the meals are suitable for the kids.

I made the chicken pot pie earlier in the week, and although it wasn't very pretty, it tasted soo good. Parker had nearly polished his off before I'd even sat down! We're really working on using cutlery with him at the moment too, so this was a perfect meal for scooping and picking up with a fork.


With the chillier weather finally set in, I've loved getting these two in their autumn wardrobes. Mustards, tights and shorts, and trusty ankle boots. We're off this weekend to get winter coats, hats and wellies - then we'll be all prepared for the season!

And Lastly...

I found this little sleepy bug in my bed earlier in the week. Isn't it crazy that they can be so grown up and big when awake, but the second they're sleeping they go back to being the tiny, innocent baby you remember?

Have a lovely week!


  1. Yum, that chicken pot pie sounds right up my street. I love simple family recipes.
    I love the Indie-isms! So funny what they come out with at that age.
    So pleased you had a lovely time celebrating your anniversary in London xx

  2. I really must pick up that recipe book, heard so many great things and that pie looks delicious! Loving Indie's mustard coloured tights, perfect Autumn attire. Also, how sweet does she look in your bed? So true, we don't realise - but they'll always be little and innocent to us! Glad you had a lovely time celebrating your anniversary! Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. Love that Parker enjoyed his chicken pie - my 5 year old wouldn't entertain anything like that :(

  4. That chicken pot pie sounds delicious! I'm off to check out that recipe book now! Glad you had a lovely anniversary - ours is this month too although we haven't got anything planned as it's Jono's 30th two days after, so that's taken priority! xx

  5. Loved the post that you shared - I quite agree, really powerful.

    I keep hearing about this cookbook, but I don't own any cookbooks because I think I would end up owning all the cookbooks! Haha! The chicken pot pie sounds delicious!

    I'm loving the autumn weather, but have recently thought ahead and gotten prepped for toddler on the winter coat and woollies front. I think we're in for a cold one this year!

    I hope you have a great week!

  6. Oh the cookbook sounds ace will have to have a look out for it. I recorded Las Vegas too haven't watched it yet. I do that all the time record movies on tv and we forget until we flip through the list of record again. lol Loving Autumn s weather. Time for layers and comfort food. Hope you have a lovely week ahead. #littleloves

  7. Mustard tights and boots *huge smiles*. That pie looks delicious. I hope you have had a good week #LittleLoves


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