Mummy & Me | October 2016


It wasn't until I was writing up this post that I realised I haven't taken many pictures this month! I'm not sure if it's because we've all been ill, or that we've just been too busy at the weekends to capture any nice ones. But it's given me a push to try and get some better ones next month! 

When I look at these pictures though, I actually love them! Real moments quickly captured are sometimes much more special than posed shots.

Next month I'll be mama to a three year old, as Indiana's birthday is on the 26th November. It's so cliche, but the years really do fly by when you have little ones. I just wish I had Bernard's Watch (anyone else remember that programme?), so I could just cherish these moments a little longer!

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  1. You're right, the last minute ones are often the best. I love these shots of you all. I can't believe Indiana is going to be three! xx


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