Pumpkins, Blog Love & Dinosaur Leggings | #LittleLoves


Happy Fri-yay, at laaaaast!

Can you believe we've all been poorly again this week? I love Autumn but the change in season really does bring all the germs with it. Thankfully we're all on the mend, and just in time too as we're off on holiday tomorrow!

This week has been aaaaall about the pumpkins. I fear I'm a little obsessed (I apologise if you follow me on Instagram haha). We had the best time pumpkin picking, and I've got both of my two pumpkin costumes for the big day too.

Anyway, onto this week's #littleloves...


Time for some more blog love!

First up is Fran (Whinge Whinge Wine). I absolutely loved this post about selling things online. It's so true that people will sell almost anything these days!

I absolutely adore Alice (New Young Mum) photography, so this post was another favourite this week. I love that you can see Autumn develop as you go through each photo - so beautiful!

Of course finally I have to mention Lucy (Dear Beautiful) and the Sibling Project. I adore this linky and love seeing all the littles every month. If you don't join in already it's definitely one I'd recommend - if only to make sure you capture your little ones every month!


We were over on The Parent Pod this week in our very first video! Myself and some fab fellow bloggers shared some easy halloween craft ideas. I actually got loads of inspiration myself - I especially loved the stained glass window decorations.


Parker is becoming more vocal every day, and actually never stops talking. I love hearing him and Indie chatting away to each other - and I'm really going to embrace it before the siblings squabbling comes along.


Lots and lots of lists. Have I done any packing though? Nope!


I'm a huge fan of Lamb & Bear leggings, so of course when Alex advertised a sample sale I had to get my two matching pairs! These are Parker's 3rd pair now, and they're just as gorgeous as the previous designs. Keep an eye out, as I'll be doing a review of them very soon!

I also picked these gorgeous little hair grips up on our recent trip to Primark. The three pack came with this sweet little ghost, a pumpkin and a witches hat. They're perfect for Indiana and I don't think they'll be being packed away, even when Halloween is over!

And Lastly...
As I mentioned above, we're off on holiday tomorrow! A week away with no wi-fi, no work and hopefully no worries. Please just keep your fingers crossed it doesn't rain all week.


  1. Love love those leggings wish my two were still small enough to wear them. Adorable. I am the same with lots of lists and nothing getting done here either ooops. Great first video I am trying my hardest to work on my videos but I have a long way to go on editting and filming better sound etc. Happy weekend ahead lovely. #littleloves

  2. I am loving the matching leggings! Adorable! I have never been pumping picking but I am determined to go this year! Have a wonderful time away! Hope the weather stays dry xx #LITTLELOVES

  3. Those hair clips are so cute! I keep meaning to get my Parker a pair of Lamb & Bear leggings, maybe for Christmas. Enjoy your holiday, looking forward to seeing some photos! xx

  4. Love those matching leggings, so cute!
    Hope you're having a wonderful time away xx

  5. I've been loving everything pumpkin too!! I still haven't got Zach any Lamb & Bear leggings, and really need to! xx

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