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Pregnancy is never easy. But pregnancy when you've already got a little person to look after? That's tough! How do you get through this though? Fellow mama Katy has popped over to share her top tips for surviving pregnancy with children in tow...

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and have three children already ages 6, 5 and 3. When I gave birth to my 3 year old I actually had three children under the age of 3 - so I feel like I have perfected 'surviving' whilst pregnant with children! Here's some things I've learnt:

  • The most important one is do not feel guilty! If you children are happy, safe and fed really what else matters?! On the days you can't drag your head from the toilet long enough to do anything stimulating or educational (or even 'fun'), do not beat yourself up! That's okay! Fun mum will return I promise, I did and I kept my sanity which is way more important. 
  • If you are feeling good, whether its for an hour or a day try and get prepared for the next day, two days or week. Whether it's preparing slow cooker meals for the freezer, batch making sandwiches and freezing them or laying out their clothes for the week ahead. Every little helps and taking advantage of the times you are feeling good, will make the time you are crippled with sickness, etc so much easier to survive!
  • Choose your battles and choose your chores! If it's a difference between doing the dishes (those things everyone needs to eat) or doing the ironing... let's face it, kids make it look like you haven't ironed five minutes after putting something on! 
  • It's totally okay to ask for help! Give your husband a list of chores, ask your mother or mother in law, sister, best friend or anybody to give you a hand. Especially if they offer! We all naturally go to say no, but really will your friend stop being your friend if you say yes and ask her to whip the hoover around, or shove some washing in the dryer for you? If that would effect your friendship then they aren't true friends. Let's face it, you'd return the favour wouldn't you?
  • You don't need to be Jamie Oliver! Yes healthy balanced and nutritional meals are important, but you can provide that without all the faff and fuss that some fancier meals come with! One of my favourite meals to make in the early days when I was suffering with morning sickness with my daughter was chicken, rice and veg with a glass of milk. And you know what, my kids loved it. Win win! There were no strong smells while cooking and it was all easy to do! 
  • Take time for yourself as well. Whatever you need, whether it's a quiet bath in peace to ease achey joints, a quiet five minutes to sip some water and wish away nausea or an hour on the sofa enjoying a good book or TV programme. Take time to prepare things that make you feel happy, organised and in control. This was a big thing for me as I find organising makes me a happier momma. If I know that the lunches are done, the clothes are ready and I have everything I need in place and order I am a much happier person!

These are just a few of my top tips. But ultimately, know its okay to know your body's limits and to be a little selfish sometimes.

I think these are fantastic tips, and I think I did nearly every one of these myself - especially asking for help. Thank you to Katy for coming over and sharing. You can find Katy's blog here, and make sure to pop over to her Youtube channel as well, where she's documenting her current pregnancy!

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  1. Thank you so much for having me as a guest post <3 x


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