Wicked Wednesday {19.10.2016}


Indiana turns three next month, and she is most definitely not my little baby anymore. She's sweet, she's sassy and my goodness is she a little madam! She's now deciding her own outfits (and doing a better job than Jack at it), and when I ask for a nice photo? I get this...

Where did my baby go? And where on earth did she learn those poses?!



  1. Haha this is Lily to a T! My mam always looks at photos and says stop making her do those stupid poses Ab and I'm like I'm not mother!! I have no idea where she gets it from! Ha x

  2. Very cute with it though! Better than mine who will NEVER pose for a photo!

  3. That is one sassy girl, fair play X #wickedwednesdays

  4. Oh she is working the camera! Amazing how young they all get thant now! #WickedWednesdays

  5. Such a beautiful diva!!! Ha ha ha! Been there love!!!! Join in for tomorrow's LAST EVER WICKED WEDNESDAYS!!! SOOOOBBBBBB! x


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