Building Sandcastles in October | A Visit to Wells-Next-The-Sea


If you follow me on social media you'll know we spent our October half term on holiday in Norfolk with Jack's family. It was such a lovely, but very busy week - and I cannot wait to share all our adventures with you! First up is our trip to Wells...

When you think of October you think of snuggly days in and wrapping up warm. I’m the first to admit I would never see us on the beach building sandcastles and splashing in the sea. But that’s exactly how we spent our first day in Norfolk!

Wells is a sweet little seaside town in North Norfolk, and home to one of the loveliest beach I’ve ever visited! 

We parked in the pay and display car park next to the beach, and walked the short distance to the sea. Parking was pretty pricey (£3.50 for just 2 hours), but it clearly didn’t put people off as it was VERY busy.


The tide was out when we arrived, making the beach seem as if it went on forever. This was a big positive for me, as I didn’t have to worry about either little running off into the sea at any moment. 

My MIL came prepared with buckets and spades, and it wasn’t long before we were all stuck in building castles (or destroying them if you’re Parker), digging holes and discovering ‘treasure’. 

It was’t actually that cold, but we snuggled the littles up in their puddle suits just in case. These actually came in really handy though, as it meant their clothes were protected when daddy suggested sand angels - or when Parker decided to have an almighty tantrum and throw himself into the sand!

Indie and I left everyone building castles and went on a little adventure to the sea. I couldn’t ever imagine having a dip, but it was perfect weather for a paddle (in wellies of course). The area we were in was dog friendly, so there were plenty of dogs having a proper swim though!

Shortly before it was time to go, we took the littles to explore the beach hunts that decorated the back of the beach. Indie loved running up the steps and knocking on the doors - I definitely think this girl is made for exploring!

After a good few hours it was time to leave for lunch. There is a little cafe by the car park, but it was absolutely packed when we walked past! I’m not surprised though, Wells was a perfect Sunday morning day out, and we already can’t wait to return.

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  1. Ah wow that beach looks amazing! Our beaches are full of stones here. We love to still visit in the winter though, such a different experience from the summer xx


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