Me & Mine | November 2016


How is November over already? It only seems like yesterday we were picking pumpkins and celebrating Halloween. We kept November relatively quiet, but finished it in style with Indiana's third birthday celebrations. I honestly cannot believe the little baby who was just three months when I start this blog, has turned three. It's mad!

We had the loveliest weekend full of cake, presents and all of the people Indie loves most. I remember taking last year's Me and Mine photos on Indie's birthday. So of course I wanted to capture them on the same day this year. It's crazy how much all four have us have changed in just 12 months.

We took the littles to the park (the same one we took July's photos in), so Indie could take her new scooter for a ride. It was early so we nearly had it to ourselves - which made it a whole let easier to prop the camera on a bench and pose away!

The rest of the month has actually been a bit tough. Parker's been teething badly, and seems to have turned into a terrible two year old - he's not even 16 months yet! Jack's been working crazy hours too, so we've not actually seen him much during the week. The moment the weekend rolls around we have just want to snuggle up at home and do absolutely nothing.

It's not been all doom and gloom though. Indie's started ballet this month which she's loving. And although I'm not one those ballet mums just yet, I did almost shed a tear when I took her to get her uniform. Seeing your baby in a little tutu and ballet shoes is the cutest thing!

We also decided on a pre-school and have signed up her to start in January. She's so excited and has been asking to start since our first visit. I'm excited for her too; she's definitely ready. I'm going to miss her so much though. Although probably not as much as Parker will!

So here's to December and eeeeeverything Christmas. Let's make it the best month yet.

I. Can't. Wait!

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  1. Aww, such lovely pictures. You all look so happy! I hope Indie had a lovely birthday :) x

  2. Gorgeous photos - I love the last one - Indiana is so cute! Beautiful memories xx

  3. Lovely pictures - sounds like November has been a mixed bag month for you, but then most months are as a family eh. Always ups and downs.

    We learnt that Alexander got accepted into our first choice preschool this month, and I'm so happy. We are slightly out of catchment, but it was the school both I and Alexander felt most comfortable in, so I'm really glad we got it! I think I'm going to feel a little lost in January when he starts. Haha!

    Wishing you and your family the most wonderful December!

  4. I love that last picture if Indie looking back. Ballet is the cutest thing ever, I adore Holly in her tutu. x

  5. That last photo is so lovely! I am so excited for December too - tomorrow eeeeeeek! x #MeandMine

  6. I am the same I am so excited for Christmas I can't wait!!! These are absolutely gorgeous hun. I love them. It's nice when you get to the park and it's empty I am prefer that as I am get shy to put my tripod out to take photos if it's busy. EEK. Happy Holidays. #meandmineproject

  7. I am so excited for Christmas too!! Eeeep! Are you part of the Secret Santa that's going on? Some beautiful snaps - love the ducks swimming around on the lake xx


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