Norfolk, The Walking Dead & Halloween | #LittleLoves


I was absolutely gutted I couldn't join in last week, as I've been doing so well this year! We were away in Norfolk on a family getaway though, with no internet and not much time for blogging either. Looking back though it was exactly what we needed, and it was so lovely to spend so much time as a family.

Anyway, onto this week's #littleloves...


Time for some more blog love!

I've been a huge fan of Hayley (Sparkles & Stretchmarks) for a while now, and I find myself sucked into nearly every piece she writes. This post about how being a mummy and a mummy blogger don't always mix had me nodding along throughout.

I love Leanne's (A Slice of My Life Wales) Income reports, and think it's great she's not shy to share what she makes through blogging. Makes me think I should be keeping more of a note of how my months go too!


Probably almost as hard as having no internet while away, was having to wait a whole week to watch The Walking Dead. But my goodness was it worth it! I obviously won't spoil it for those who haven't watched it yet - but maybe don't watch it alone...


I don't think I actually have anything for this section this week...


Of course we had to carve our pumpkins ready for Halloween on Monday! Well I say we, but it was actually Jack who took on the job. There wasn't really any questioning what kind of design we were having. Can you guess?


Keeping the pumpkin theme, here's my little pumpkins all dressed up for Halloween! It was Indie's first year Trick or treating and she had the BEST time. She was knocking on the doors herself, saying Happy Halloween and saying her please and thank yous. I'm so proud of her, and cannot wait for Parker to join in next year too.

It's very rare to get pictures of Jack and I together, as obviously usually one of us is behind the camera! We went to our friends wedding reception Sunday night though, so I made sure we went in the photo booth - especially as we were all dressed up. It was such a fun night, and the Monday hangover was soo worth it.

And Lastly...
After a quiet week we've got another busy weekend planned. All I can think about though is getting myself to Costa for a Christmas cup. I neeeed a hot chocolate!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Aww how cute do they both look? And I absolutely love that photo of you both - so cute! Enjoy your hot chocolate :) #littleloves

  2. Gorgeous trick or treaters and pumpkins too. Love that you got to go into the photo booth and have a fun time together. We are the same in the house if it's not a selfie of us both it's one of us behind the camera. I am linking last week's #littleloves as I forgot to add it to the linky while I was away and this week we have all been super sick. Not nice to share. :) Happy Weekend ahead.

  3. Aww what a lovely pic of you both and the kids look so cute in their halloween outfits. Love your Peppa Pig pumpkin, I've never managed more than a basic pumpkin face before and even that looked horrendous! Glad you had a nice time away. A bit of a break from it all is sometimes just what you need. Have a lovely weekend :-)

  4. That picture at the bottom is absolutely gorgeous Emily. Definitely one for the wall! You're two look so sweet all dressed up for Halloween too, LOVE the Peppa Pig pumpkin! That episode of TWD broke me, I mean seriously! Enjoy your weekend xx

  5. Lovely photo from the wedding. Your little ones look so cute for Halloween. My eldest had her first trick or treat experience too. Love that you did a peppa pig pumpkin, we should have!

  6. Oh the photo of you and Jack is so sweet!! As is the one of Indiana and Parker! So adorable! Your pumpkin is amazing too xx

  7. I've only just seen this - thank you so much for the shout out :) You really should keep a track of it all, it's great to look back on and always amazes me!

    We made a Peppa Pumpkin too :)


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