Teething, The Girl on the Train & Ice Skating | #LittleLoves


What. A. Weeeeeek! Why does teething have to exist? Poor Parker has really been suffering - he's currently got his first set of bottom molars on their way, and they aren't being kind to him. It's been a week of Calpol, Neurofen, snuggles and co-sleeping. Although those last two points I've actually quite enjoyed...


I've finally done it. I bought myself some books. Actual books! Okay they're ones people ready aaages ago, but it's a start isn't it? I've relaxed with Youtube videos when I've had a spare 5 minutes for so long now, but I decided I wanted to get into reading again. I'm already half way through The Girl on the Train - I'm really enjoying it, and I'm so glad I didn't go to watch the film first!


I love that blogging has not only brought lovely friends into my life, but also Indiana's too. We went to the lovely Bella's bonfire night party at the weekend, and the girls had so much fun. Fireworks, sparklers and seeing Indie playing with friends - such a lovely evening!

We also watched Jack skate around on the ice at the intu Lakeside blogger event! Unfortunately the children were too little to get on the ice, but that didn't stop Jack. The ice rink opens to the public tomorrow - but do be aware children have to be over the age of 4 to go on.


It's been aaaaaall about children's music in our house this week! It's actually Rhyme Week, so it seems rather fitting that the kids (including P when his medicine kicked in!) have loved singing and dancing around. A favourite song has been The Happy Song (I posted about it here). We literally had it on repeat yesterday - and I must admit it even made me smile.


I've been in party planning mode alongside everything else this week. Indie's birthday is just a few weeks away (I still don't know how it came around so soon), so I've made a start on the decorations and party bags. I think I'm all set, but if you have any suggestions of what I can put inside do let me know!


The littles and I were lucky enough to receive some gorgeous coats from Lighthouse Clothing this week! They seemed to arrive just in time as winter weather has definitely arrived! Keep an eye out for a full review post soon.

Thought I'd also mention something Jack's been loving this week too - his JORD watch. Unique and stylish, it's definitely his kind of thing. You can read my review here.

And Lastly...
We're hoping for a quiet, relaxing weekend after such a crazy week. Indie's got her very first ballet lesson tomorrow morning which we're all excited for. I hope she enjoys it!


  1. Poor boy :( Teething was such a hard process in our house - however at least, like you say, it meant a lot of cuddles. Love those coats - Lighthouse are just fab, aren't they? Hope you have a great weekend! #LittleLoves

  2. Oh poor Parker! Teething is the worst.
    You definitely made the right decision to read the book before seeing the film. I've not heard a lot of good reviews of the film from people who've read the book. Apparently the ending is revealed to soon and gives it away which is not like in the book at all.
    Have a great weekend, I hope Indie loves her ballet lesson xx

  3. Poor Parker. Teething is horrible, I hope he feels better soon. A ballet lesson?! So cute! I hope she loves it! Love Parker's shark coat, looks lovely and warm. Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. Oh poor Parker hope he's feeling better now! I love those coats - very cool :) Aww I cannot wait to get S into ballet. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend xx

  5. Poor Parker! I hope he's okay. Teething sucks, big style! My Q (8mo) just has his first tooth coming through and is biting during feeds a lot (ouchie). Liquid anbesol was always a lifesaver for my first, so have stocked up on that. I absolutely love those coats from Lighthouse Clothing - lovely bold prints xx

  6. Aww such a lovely round up. Sorry about Parker's teething problems, have you tried teething salts? Them and a teething necklace worked wonders for Lil G, he never suffered apart from the redness. I hope you have a good week #littleloves x


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