Indiana's Third Birthday + Birthday Party


Last weekend we celebrated Indiana turning three! It was a crazy weekend, where we were on the go practically non-stop. But it was so worth it to see the huge smiles on Indie's face!

We spent her actual birthday on the Saturday as a family. Of course we had our birthday tradition of cake for breakfast. This year complete with sparkler - which Indie tried her hardest to blow out!

Her present from Jack's parents were ballet lessons, so we didn't want to miss it. She was still thrilled to go though luckily, and took her new Elsa doll with her to show off.

Indie's main present from us was a new scooter. So we headed to the park straight from ballet to take it for a spin.

Of course she's not mastered it properly yet - scooting she can do, steering is the problem! She loved it though, and it was so lovely to see her so happy and excited. I'm sure within a few weeks she'll be whizzing past us on it.

The park was almost empty so while Parker slept we let Indie run around the actual play park. How she had the energy after ballet and scooting (and a rather early start) I don't know!

Tired and hungry we left the park to head for lunch. We let Indie pick where to go, and she decided on her favourite place Frankie & Benny's. I remember having countless birthday celebrations here (I even went with my sister and the kids this year!), so it's almost another little tradition.

I wish I could have bottled the pure joy in Indie's face when her dessert came out with a candle, and the happy birthday song played. Such a special moment!

Sunday was the big day - Indie's very first birthday party! We invited all of Indie's little friends to celebrate with us at a local soft play. She's at the perfect age for soft play so it was an easy decision.

The package we went for was pretty simple, so I knew I wanted to jazz it up with our own decorations. I went for a rainbow theme to keep it fun and bright and found the perfect table wear from Party Pieces. They offer so many different themes all at reasonable prices.

I chose the 'Rainbow Ultimate Party Kit' with enough for 16 guests. This included plates, napkins, cups, party hats, balloons, bunting and a large table cover. I had the multicoloured straws left over from Parker's birthday party, and they completed the table perfectly.

The tables looked perfect, and everyone loved the party hats (well, the parents did anyway!). The soft play provided bags with the lunches and drinks, so having the plates and cups made it a lot easier for the little ones to eat and drink too.

My favourite part of the party was Indie's cake. Everyone complimented us on it, and most people thought it was actually home made. Thanks Sainsburys! I knew I had to get my cake toppers from Confetti Day (I got some for Parker's first birthday too), and these rainbow ones were perfect.

And so after another round of 'happy birthday' everyone tucked into cake to end the day. I never knew that hosting a birthday party would be so exhausting, and I think next year I'll leave it to Jack to organise!

We were so busy I almost forgot to hand out the party bags as people left. I got these lovely party boxes from Party Pieces to keep the rainbow theme. I then picked up cheap fillers from Poundland and Wilko (you can see the complete boxes in a video I filmed here).

We had the best weekend, and I think Indiana was definitely happy with all the celebrations and her presents. Although I'm actually a little pleased we don't have another birthday to plan until Parker's 2nd next August. It's hard work!

Discourse - We received the items from Party Pieces to be used and featured in this post.


  1. Glad you had a happy birthday Indie!

  2. Happy birthday Indiana!! Our little ones are growing up fast!
    sounds like she had a brilliant birthday weekend and great hearing about the party... I want W to have a party for the first time for his birthday too so stealing ideas!! Lots of love xxxx

  3. Aww it sounds like Indiana had a lovely day! Parties are such hard work, we had Archie's at home this year and I found it so tiring so definitely looking into a soft play or a hall for next year! Isla starts ballet in January, but now you mentioned it I might get a family member to put towards them as a present as she honestly doesn't need any more toys!xx


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