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Happy Friday! 

Does anyone else seem to find the week draaaags, but then suddenly it's Friday and you don't know where the time went? I've definitely had one of those weeks! We've been getting into the festive spirit a lot this week, although I think the novelty of the tree is starting to wear thin - Parker loves pulling off all the baubles and switches the lights on and off alllll day....


It seems like everyone and their uncle Vlogmas this year, so there's not been much chance for reading. Don't get me wrong I love it, but there's simply not enough time to watch everyone I love.

I'm still making my way through Me Before You when I can though - a Lush bath was the perfect excuse to relax with a book!


I'm a bloody awful skater, so it was just these two on the ice at the weekend. Our local rink does parent and toddler skates, so it was perfect for Indie. She loved it; so much so we've booked to go again in a couple of weeks!

I also watched these two run wild and free at the park this week - does anyone else love when you get it to yourself? Parker is soo confident now - he can climb and jump and slide all by himself. It was only a few months ago that he needed my help. They grow up waaaay too fast. How adorable is his puddle suit (essential winter park wear) too? It's from Sainsburys!


Lots and lots of new words from Parker. I wrote a long list in his 16 month update earlier in the week!


If you've followed my blog for a while you'll know I'm not a lover of messy play. We finally bought some decent (washable) paint, so I thought it was time I let the kids get messy. I was straight onto pintrest getting ideas for Christmas cards, and I think we ended up with some really good ones!


I honestly thought I snapped a picture of my Christmas jumper, but apparently not! We've all been getting into the Christmas spirit with our outfits this week though. I picked up these matching tees for the boys from Asda - the nose on Jack's flashes!

Indiana's dress was another little bargain find from Tesco's. It's covered in snowmen and actually really snuggly and warm. We wore them on our trip to see Father Christmas on Sunday.

And Lastly...

We've been having a bit of a tough time with Indiana and favouritism recently. Well, I say we, but it's actually me who's feeling it. Indie's always been a daddy's girl. But these past few months she's been telling me she 'doesn't love mummy, I love daddy'. I know she doesn't mean it and I shouldn't take it to heart, but it's pretty upsetting!

This past week though we seemed to have turned a corner. She's told me (without prompting) that she loves me a number of times this week. She even picked me flowers and said they're for being the best mummy. I almost cried!

Have a lovely week :)

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  1. Oh these toddlers can be so mean sometimes! S says she doesn't love me a lot or she loves me when I'm not telling her off (which seems like a lot recently!)! Aww what a sweetie Indie is :) lovely pictures as always ox

  2. I've been meaning to read Me Before You for the longest time! I've got hardly any reading done this week with Vlogmas also - so many videos!

    Love the Christmas lights card idea! We did some Christmas crafting this week also; we painted Christmas tree ornaments. All the festive clothes are too cute!

    Ahh, I imagine you're feeling a lot happier now Indie has turned a corner. Of course she doesn't mean it, but obviously words hurt. So sweet giving you flowers.

    Hope you and the family have a lovely weekend!

  3. Ooooo I think I recognise that shopping centre, with the playmobil models! Love your ideas for Christmas cards! So lovely. Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. I do miss 'home' when it is all festive, Calverly and the Pantiles. I'm a rubbish skater though, I think once was enough for me. Maybe I'll try again in the future! Lovely Xmas cards and great that Indie is turning a corner, kids can be so difficult and trying sometimes can't they xx

  5. We have a similar thing but the other way round, my little boy is three and he's so mean to his daddy! He wants me to do everything and won't let him help him or even look at him sometimes! I know it's just a phase but I know it upsets him a bit. The ice-skating looks fun, I must find somewhere to take the kids and try it x

  6. Aww don't worry about the mean toddler thing, they all do it at some point (easier said than done when they say it to you though I know but she doesn't mean it). My daughter is now 14 and she screams it (and other such gems) at you while slamming her door so it often comes round again! Your christmas cards are lovely! I'm with you on the messy play thing though, I HATE it! That ice rink looks lovely, wish there was something like that near me. Hope you're having a great weekend x

  7. Love that you made Christmas cards, we did some this week too! I don't mind messy play but I thought I was quite brave letting P loose with paints. Glad that Indie seems to have turned a corner, that must be so tough. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend xx

  8. I'm awful at skating too! My girls are desperate to go but I'm not sure how I'd manage.
    Little ones can say the meanest things without knowing can't they? My eldest used to say she hated me and that I was the worst mummy! In the end I let it just go over my head as I knew she was only saying it out of frustration. She's the soppiness mummy's girl now! xx

  9. The seal things are great for toddler aren't they? It's hard when children seem to favour one parent, O is a complete Mummy's boy and I know it upsets my husband when he pushes him away to get to me. Luckily G adores Daddy and his whole face lights up every time he sees him. xx


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