Making Gingerbread Houses


I'm all about the Christmas activities and traditions this year. This messy-play hating mama even made Christmas cards - something I never thought I'd enjoy! So of course when I saw these mini gingerbread house kits in our local garden centre, I had to pick them up. 

They were only mini, so it was lucky we had two. Although this probably actually made it easier. With one little helper down (Parker was miserable so he was in bed), we got to work!

Jack took charge of one house with Indie as his helper, and I did the other. Like a typical man Jack thought instructions were beneath him and went solo. A plan that was all well and good until his house collapsed under too much icing, and bad construction ;)

Indiana loved helping, and by that I mean -

Licking the icing that dripped on the table...

Guarding the sweetie decorations...

Eating said decorations...

Laughing at Jack's broken house...

She tried though, and it was so fun for the three of us to do something like this together. If you watch the vlog you'll just see the joy in her face (and sadness when Jack's house collapses!).

Despite all the eaten sweets and icing, and the little incident with Jack's house, I think the end results were pretty good! Jack managed to rebuild his house, and we all had fun too which I suppose was the point of the activity.

Who knows, maybe next year we'll even try and make our own gingerbread too!

You can watch our attempt too!

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