Me & Mine | December 2016


I never thought when I posted my Me and Mine photos all the way back in January, I'd manage to keep up for a whole year. I'm so glad I managed it though, as I've managed to capture just how much our family has grown and changed this year. What a year it's been! 

We ended the month on a perfect high note, with a lovely Christmas as a family of four. These photos were taken just before we had our lunch. And they completely capture the dynamic of our little family right now.

Indiana the daddy's girl. Getting sooo big (look at those long legs!) but still not too grown up for snuggles with mummy and daddy. She's full of fire and sass, and looking more like mummy the older she's getting. She comes out with some brilliant one-liners these days too!

Then there's Parker the cheeky one. The second the camera was out he was shouting 'cheeeeese' and giving the biggest toothy grins. He's such a happy little soul - most of the time - and his favourite thing this month is running around giving everyone high fives, cuddles and kisses. Adorable!

The dynamic is set to change in a few days though, with Indiana starting pre-school. I'm going to miss having her all to myself during the week. Parker is really going to miss his little partner in crime too - although I think he's going to love having all the toys for himself.

I've loved looking back over my Me and Mine photos from this year. We've managed to capture some amazing family memories - holidays, birthdays and those just as special little moments in-between. Here's to another year of family photos!


The Me and Mine Project


  1. Congratulations on a whole year of Me and Mine - and what a lovely photo to finish with too! It's very addictive isn't it :)

  2. Look how much Parker has changed, he is becoming a proper little boy now. I get a lot of 'cheese' from Holly!!!! Gorgeous Christmas photos of you all. I hope you have a lovely new year x

  3. Aww what a gorgeous capture this month. And a lovely collection for the year, don't forget to print them in a book! I hope you have a great start to theNY x #meandmine

  4. Wow you can really see the changes in these, I started in January too and have adored having them to look back on x

  5. Ah these are such lovely photos. I love how the monthly photos document so many changes like the seasons and also how they capture a snippet of family life from each month. What a lovely collection of memories x

  6. Ah so lovely to look back on the year, you got some gorgeous shots this year #meandmine

  7. What a lovely collection of photos you have to look back on. I have been thinking of creating a Me and mine photo album. #meandmine

  8. It's great to get a whole year of this project and look back at the end see how much you have done as a family, the adventures you have had and memories made as much as seeing how much the kids have grown and changed too. Happy New Year! #meandmineproject

  9. These are so lovely - especially love the very last one with that cheeky grin!! xx


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