Mummy & Me | December 2016


I've loved joining in with Mummy and Me this year. It's been amazing to have pictures of me and my little ones from every month - even if they're just iPhone selfies or rubbish quality, they're still so special! Especially now I can go through each month and watch us all change and grow.

Of course this month I had to share a festive photo. My two absolutely loved Christmas this year, and it made the month extra special. We spent every day doing something Christmassy - crafts, baking, festive films. You name it, we did it!

It was lovely to get both of them involved this year too. Last year Parker was only 4 months and didn't know what was going on at all! I already cannot wait for next Christmas, and who knows maybe we'll have another little one to complete our family too...

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  1. Lovely photos and wasn't it nice that the little ones got what was going on a bit more this Christmas. I'm very excited that there may be number three soon... xx


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