Our Christmas 2016


Just like that, Christmas is over for another year.

Did you have a good one?

I think this Christmas was most definitely the best one yet! The excitement from my two was absolutely infectious. Indiana hasn't stopped talking about Father Christmas from the moment December 1st rolled around, and is still asking if he's coming back now.

Christmas Eve was thankfully a Saturday so we got to start the festivities as a family. After going through the Christmas Eve basket, Jack surprised us with breakfast at Bill's. Father Christmas even made an appearance which was a lovely surprise.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for Christmas. Festive films, TV shows, hot chocolates, snuggling and plenty of food. We've made it a tradition to have a huge beige buffet on Christmas Eve - party food, crisps, the good stuff.

We then popped the kid's into their new pyjamas, left out the treats for Santa and snuggled them in bed. Indiana was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement! We hardly got any proper pictures this year as we were just enjoying every moment, so apologies for the rubbish quality pictures.

Despite the excitement, we were actually left waiting for these two to wake up on Christmas morning! After opening stockings in bed, we eventually made it to the tree, to discover that Father Christmas had been. 

Even though Parker didn't really understand presents on his birthday, he totally got it and was trying to open any gift he could. He was shouting "oh wow!" every time he opened something which was just the sweetest thing.

After a morning of presents, playing and plenty of treats we had our Christmas lunch as a family of four at home, before the littles crashed out for an afternoon snooze. I love spending Christmas with my own little family, especially now the littles are getting bigger. It's much more relaxed and the guarantee of a nap is a bonus.

We did head over to my parents house (after the Queen's Speech of course!) in the afternoon, for more presents and food. We played family games and my step-dad did his annual treasure hunt - an extra special one this year as Indie was sooo excited to find the treasure.

After a busy Christmas Day, we did it aaalll again on Boxing Day as we had a mini celebration at Jack's parents house. It was honestly the best Christmas yet, and has already got me excited for next year. It really is true what they say about Christmas being so much better with little ones!

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! I also feel this was the best Christmas yet with both kids being at such a great age, it just made it that more special and exciting xx


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