Parent and Toddler Ice Skating at Calverly Grounds Ice Rink, Tunbridge Wells


This past weekend we took Indiana along to our local Ice Rink at Calverly Grounds in Tunbridge Wells, for one of their parent and toddler ice skating sessions. The sessions are exclusively for parents and their little ones aged 2 to under 4, with only a limited number of people allowed on the ice.

One ticket (£9.50) allows a toddler and parent to skate, skate hire and a skate aid for the toddler - fantastic! The sessions are only 30 minutes long but I think this is plenty for a little one.

We unfortunately arrived late (we thought out time slot was at 10.30 not 10.15, whoops!), but still managed to have plenty of fun on the ice. I'm not a fan of ice skating at all, but Jack was thrilled to have a go. 

They collected their skates quickly, and a helpful member of staff sorted out Indie's mini skates - these were fab as they just slotted over the shoes she was wearing. They were given their seal skate aid and off they went! 

Indie was so brave wanting to stand and skate, and loved whizzing around on her seal. As there are only limited slots on the sessions, it felt much more relaxed and quiet. Luckily there is plenty of viewing space around the ice rink, so I could stand with Parker in the pushchair and watch with a good view too. 

With the session over and regular shoes back on, we went inside for some festive treats. As well as the regular cafe being open, Fuggles and Basil have opened pop up shops next to the ice rink.

We both had hot drinks and treated the littles to a festive shortbread snack. We sat watching the next session, with Indie chatting about ice skating the whole time!

The ice rink is open every day, but the specific parent and toddler sessions are at 9.45am - 10.15am and 10.15am - 10.45am, plus an additional session between 2.00pm - 2.30pm until the 16th December. Boxing Day and New Year’s Day there will only be the one session, at 10.15am.

We've already booked to skate again in a couple of weeks as Indie loved it so much. We had no problem booking, but I'd definitely consider it the closer it gets to Christmas!

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