Poorly Again, Christmas Treats & Starting Preschool | #LittleLoves


How is it Friday again, and howwww is it Christmas next week?! Absolute madness!

We've had a bit of a crappy week to be honest. Both kids have had shocking colds which has resulted in rather rubbish sleep. Parker has become so predictable - the second he's poorly or teething he doesn't eat, doesn't sleep and he clings to me like a little limpet. I love the extra cuddles, but being kicked in the head in the middle of the night is not so enjoyable! At least he's cute though.


Nothing yet, but I have sent Jack out for the Christmas Radio Times as I type!


It was watching week at Indiana's ballet this week, so we got to go in and see what she's been doing. It was honestly the loveliest experience, and even Parker sat still for half an hour watching! She was following instructions, joining in so nicely and didn't seem bothered that we were there at all. Obviously I'm not going to share any pictures as they have other children in, so here's one of my two snuggling this week instead.


"Peppa, mama!"

"Peppa on!"

It's happened. Parker is Peppa Pig obsessed. AGH!


We finally wrapped the Christmas presents, and got our butts into gear ready for the big day. I completed the little's Christmas Eve Basket, and I already cannot wait to give it to them! This is one of my favourite Christmassy traditions, and one I hope to continue for years to come.

We also made lots of Christmas treats this week. Okay, technically I didn't make the actual biscuits, but we did the decorating! It was so lovely to just sit down with Indie and get creative. Parker also helped to 'decorate' the little Christmas trees - meaning he ate the biscuit before I'd even got the toppings, and more went in his mouth than on his biscuit... All good fun though.


Most definitely cheating this time. But I've been 'wearing' my new accessory this week - a lovely little treat from the team at Channel Mum. Thanks guys, now I can have my copious amounts of hot chocolates in style!

And Lastly...

Indiana had her settling in sessions at nursery this week, and she absolutely smashed it! She was having so much fun she told me off for getting her to leave on Tuesday. And they said she did so well I didn't have to stay yesterday. We're so pleased she's settled in well and it's going to make her going so much easier for me as well. I think Parker is definitely going to miss his big sister though.

Have a lovely week :)


  1. Love the look of your Christmas Eve basket! I'm putting my son's together but the personalised box I ordered is taking aaaages to arrive...grr. The biscuit decorating looks brilliant. Indiana looks to have had a brilliant week, go her! Hope you have a great weekend x #LittleLoves

  2. Sounds like you've had a great week, despite the illness! The biscuit decorating looks like a lot of fun and your hot chocolate yummy! Sounds like Indie has had a great week what with the ballet and nursery sessions. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your Christmas Eve basket looks fab. I've nearly got all of Parker's bits and pieces now, work has been so hectic that I haven't managed to do half of what I intended to. Love that picture of the two of them snuggling, cute. Pleased that nursery went well for you, makes it much easier for all of you. Enjoy your weekend! xx

  4. There are lots of nasty illnesses going round at the moment! Not nice! I love your christmas hampers! I am so late to the party when it comes to the eve boxes! Have a wonderful weekend #littlelove xx

  5. So lovely to hear Indiana doing well at her nursery settling in it can be so nerve racking. Clap Clap. Loving the Xmas Eve basket I like to do something similar but it's hard because we are always in a different country for xmas never at home so baskets are hard to find. Sometimes it's a bowl, a box or just wrapped up together for a little treat the night before the big day! lol :) Just popping over and catching up on everyone's #littleloves happy holidays.

  6. That photo of them snuggling is too cute!!
    You're so organised sorting out your Christmas Eve basket already. I've not done ours yet, oops!! xx


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