Ready for Christmas, Gingerbread Houses & Being Baby Free! | #LittleLoves


Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!

It's going to be a shorter Little Loves this week, as honestly everything we've done has been Christmassy and I don't want to bore you! It's been a good one though, and I am just soooooo excited for Christmas on Sunday!


Does anyone else only ever buy a TV Guide at Christmas? I don't properly use it either - I just flick through checking out what I want to put on record. Nothing great is really on this year though, although my planner is already looking full.


Shock horror, my answer this week is CHRISTMAS FILMS! Elf, The Grinch, Love Actually, Muppet's Christmas Carol... All that's left to watch is The Polar Express tomorrow.


Can you guess?

Indie has requested Christmas songs daily, so how could I say no!?


We bought a couple of Gingerbread House kits a few weeks ago, so we finally got around to making them. The plan was to get both kids involved, but Parker was being his usually 'happy' self so he went to bed! Indiana loved getting involved though, and despite a slight disaster with Jack's one we ended up with two cute little houses.


Indiana is Paw Patrol mad at the moment, so when she got these 'make your own masks' in her magazine this week, she couldn't wait to do them. She was a bit upset that she had to be Chase and not Marshall, but she looked sooo cute regardless! 

And Lastly...

I'm actually typing this while snuggled in bed at 9am, all alone! Jack's parents had the littles over night and they won't be home until this afternoon. It was so nice to have an evening to ourselves - even if we spent it collecting our food shop!

Have a lovely Christmas everyone! xx

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  1. YES! LOVE that Kelly Clarkson song. It's rapidly becoming my favourite Christmas song! Also, get you enjoying your bed alone at 9am...slightly jealous here! I was up at 4am to do the Christmas food shop then the small boy woke up and joined me as soon as I got back *cryface* ENJOY though :) And hope you have an awesome Christmas! x #LittleLoves

  2. Eek so festive! The gingerbread house looks great. I've never attempted one myself. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas x #LittleLoves

  3. This may be the most festive Little Loves I have ever seen! LOVE IT! I don't think I have ever made a gingerbread house - I'll definitely be making one next year! x

  4. Gingerbread houses are so much fun to make aren't they? N's roof kept collapsing on hers, but trying to fix it became a running joke so made it more fun!
    Hope you've had a lovely Christmas Emily xx


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