Reroute Santa - Let Santa know where you are this Christmas!


Christmas is almost here and I don't think there's anyone more excited in our house than Indiana! She's three this Christmas and she totally understands what's going on. Nearly every conversation is about Father Christmas at the moment...

"When's he coming mummy?"

"Is he going to leave us presents?"

"Will he remember my Paw Patrol toys?"

You get the idea.

She knows he's coming to our house on Christmas Eve and is sooo excited. But what if we were away this Christmas? What if we weren't at home for Santa to deliver the presents?

A brand new study released today from HomeAway, the world leader in holiday rentals, has revealed a massive 81% of British children are still sending letters to Father Christmas. However more than half are worried he might lose track of where to drop off their Christmas presents, if they go on holiday over the festive season.

The stay away from home is clearly a big problem for more than half of British children, with 54% admitting they’d be worried about Santa knowing their whereabouts, and delivering presents to the right address if they travelled this Christmas.

Thankfully Reroute Santa has been launched to hopefully put those worries to bed. Created by HomeAway, the simple interactive tool lets Children communicate to the man in red, to let him know where they'll be this Christmas.

The site is really simple to use. Pop in your child's name, original address and where you're visiting, and send it off to Father Christmas! A sweet little infographic shows the letter being sent and then a reply appears, letting them know their message was received. This can then be saved, emailed or shared on social media.

It's such a simple way to keep the magic alive for children, and the festive music on the website will get anyone in the festive spirit!

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