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Having two close in age means that their likes and interests are extremely similar. So the moment Indiana unwrapped her scooter on her birthday, I knew Parker wanted to have a go. Being only 16 months though, I didn't think he was big enough for one of his own.

Turns out I was wrong!

The new T1 Scooter by smarTrike has been designed for toddlers as young as 15 months - and will last them until they're able to scoot like a pro (maximum 20kg weight limit). This is achieved by having three different stages, designed to gradually give them confidence and skill.

Stage 1 - Sitting mode

This is the stage Parker is currently using. The scooter comes with a height adjustable seat, that allows little ones to sit and scoot. They gain confidence in using their feet to push themselves along, and steer by physically turning the scooter.

Stage 2 - Practicing and gaining confidence

The scooter features a 'T-lock function' which prevents the handlebars from tilting - thus stopping them from turning by mistake when scooting. This will give them the confidence to scoot along without worrying about turning the wrong away! The seat can be taken off at this stage if you think your child is ready.

Stage 3 - Freestyle riding

Turn the T-lock to engage the titling mechanism - this allows your child to learn how to steer now they've mastered scooting! This is a great time to introduce the brake and how to use it.

The Swiss designed scooter is heavier than the Micro Scooter that Indiana has. However this does make it feel more secure and robust, and isn't much of a problem for us as Parker doesn't ever give us chance to carry it!

The handle bars and seat are comfortable for Parker to use, and I love how wide the footplate is (perfect for bulky shoes such as wellies!). The handle is also height adjustable so I know this is a scooter that will have a lot of use of the years.

But what did Parker think?

The first time we took him out for a ride he wasn't really keen. He was poorly so I think he just wasn't feeling it. He cried when we tried to put him on it, and didn't understand how it worked.

Ever since though, it's been a struggle to get him off! He quickly worked out how to get on and off and how to scoot himself along. At first he would ask for her when he crashed, but it wasn't long before he even worked out how to steer himself.

He went uphill, downhill, on paths, on mud - he was a little boy on a scootering mission! And the only time we saw tears, was when I physically had to pull him off of it to go home.

The T1 Scooter is a perfect first scooter for little ones. Easy to put together, even easier for them to work out, and it'll grow as they do. A perfect step from a smarTrike - simply brilliant!

The T1 Scooter currently retails at £69.99 and is available from stores such as Amazon, ELC and Smyths.

We received this scooter for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Oh, this looks fantastic. My Parker would LOVE this. Your Parker looks so happy on it! Great photos xx


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