Fairytales, Trolls & Bobble Hats | #LittleLoves


It's a Friday.

It's a #littleloves post.

And I'm not moaning... Hooray!

This week has been busy, but it's also been pretty good. I definitely love these kind of weeks the most. They fly by so quickly though, and I honestly cannot believe it's Friday again. So here's what I've been loving this week...


Indie seems to have really got into books again recently. Her current favourite is a huge book full of traditional stories and fairytales. It's SO lovely to read some stories that aren't about TV characters and silly things - traditional is always best! She can even quote lines from The Gingerbread Man which is so cute.


Indie and I had a little mama, daughter date after Ballet on Saturday, and we went to see Trolls. Oh my goodness.. what a brilliant film! The storyline is lovely, the songs are so catchy and there were plenty of adult laughs too.

Our Odeon does kiddy showings at the weekend for a fraction of the cost of regular tickets - that's for adults and kids too! Well worth checking out if you haven't already.


I finally got around to listening to Ed Sheeran's other new song, and I think I love it more than the first! I really cannot wait for the album now.


Cheating a little, but Parker has 'made' so much progress recently. The last time we went to soft play (which actually wasn't that long ago) he still needed lots of guidance. He was still a little scared, and wouldn't do things without me there.

I took the littles to soft play on Monday though, and he was so brave! Running around, climbing, whizzing down the slides.. he was like a different child! I love watching my two grow up, but it really does go too fast doesn't it.


How cold and foggy has it been this week?

My two are practically living in their winter coats and bobble hats at the moment. They're super snuggly and warm, and they look pretty darn cute in them too. Win, win really.

And Lastly...

Channel Mum are covering all things pregnancy at the moment, so I've been joining in filming some content for my own channel. I loved going through my old pregnancy journals and blog posts for them - although I think I did make some people thing I was expecting again... whoops!

Have a lovely week :)

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  1. Aw Emily this was such a lovely post! It's been SO cold here lately too! Will be off to check out your videos :D

  2. Well done Parker! My little girl isn't old enough to go but I actually really want to see Trolls.

  3. I just loved Trolls and love kids club at the cinema - such a bargain. It's been frosty and foggy here too. Can't wait for the spring! #littleloves

  4. I keep thinking I'll take Alfie to the cinema soon, I'm not sure if he's still too young at 18 months, but we love going as a couple so would be great to go as a family!

  5. My daughter loves traditional stories too. I need to get her a boo like yours. We have a few individual ones but I think we could do with more. She used to quote gingerbread man all the time when she was indiana's age. We only have a traditional one screen cinema. I wish we lived nearer a bigger one so I could take my eldest to see trolls. Parker sounds to be doing great too. #littleloves

  6. Ooh, I didn't know the Odeon did that, will have to check it out. Glad you enjoyed Trolls - my son LOVED it! Yay, go Parker! Although it really does go too fast, you're right. I don't even need to follow my son around any more at soft play :( (secretly quite happy about that, actually). Hope you have a great weekend! #LittleLoves

  7. Haha, you got everyone thinking!! We loved Trolls too, such an ace movie and yep, I think everyone watched it last weekend! It must have been THE movie of the weekend. Have a great weekend this weekend too lovely x

  8. Ha ha I had to check you weren't expecting again, thought I'd be saying congratulations to you today at one point! Love the pics of the kids in their little hats, how cute! I definitely prefer the more traditional kids books, it's lovely to be able to share something from your own childhood with your little ones isn't it. Hope you all have a lovely weekend x

  9. Cannot wait for the day you announce you're expecting again! :) we don't have a local Odeon but I so want to take S to the cinema ox

  10. Ah Carly went to see trolls for her birthday back in November. I hated it! Freaked me out so much, dreading her getting it on DVD x

  11. Yay for Parker being braver at soft play! They look lovely in their bobble hats. I'm in LOVE with that Ed Sheeran song too! Enjoy your weekend xx

  12. What a brilliant week, I am dying to take my LO to go and see Trolls and loev the kids AM prices too. A great week had, even though it may of been chilly.


  13. Sounds like you've had a lovely week. Ah, look at Indie's face alight in the first picture shared, and how brave Parker is at soft play. Children are fearless sometimes! I'm hoping to take Alexander to see Trolls, but not sure if I'll get the chance to before it leaves cinemas.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I'm not sure who loved Trolls more - me or my 5 year old!

  15. Oh that's so lovely you sharing on your channel all things pregancy. I always wished I had been a blogger when I was pregnant but I didn't start until after my second baby was born. So I have nothing documented. It would be amazing to look back. Trolls was a fab movie wasn't it? We loved it too. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. #littleloves

  16. Yay for not moaning, haha. I'm loving Ed Sheeran too at the minute, I've been looking out for his tour dates which have been released now, woo! Love a good bobble hat, I've just treated myself to one with two bobbles - it might even feature in next week's little loves, haha x

  17. Trolls is such a fun movie for all the family. I loved every second of it. The scene where Branch throws her guitar in the fire had me in stitches. So funny and the soundtrack is just amazing. Real feel-good songs... #littleloves

  18. Aww I do love littles in bobble hats and winter coats. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I think its lovely to look back on pregnancy notes, so easy to forget some of the moments. Commenting on behalf of Morgana and myself


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