I'm Sorry for letting my TODDLER Toddle...


I was minding my own business when an email popped into my inbox from Mumsnet. I love having a read through their AIBU posts (that's 'am I being unreasonable' if you haven't had the pleasure of stumbling upon them before).

Anyway... this one pop's up and I couldn't not vent.

The poster asks if people think it's unreasonable for her to be annoyed at parents, for letting their kids 'toddle around'. As apparently they get in their way when they're in a rush.

Toddlers, toddling around.

Who'd have thought it!

Isn't the clue in the name? Toddlers, TODDLE.

Now don't get me wrong. Of course I think there's definitely a time and a place. Would I let Parker wander through a supermarket when it's really busy? No! Would I let him explore Primark on a Saturday? Definitely not!

But letting him wander about the shopping centre.

Walk holding my hand on the preschool run.

Why not?!

He's a nightmare in the pushchair, and you'll probably find I 'get in your way' more when I have to stop every 10 steps, to stop him screaming / fighting his way out of the thing. We also have reins, but I'm not hugely into them (anyone else think they feel like you're walking a dog?).

He's learning and exploring. Taking in the world around him.

So my toddlers are going to toddle.

They may even try to say hello.

And actually,

I'm not sorry at all.


  1. How ridiculous - here's to letting our toddlers toddle! People need to chill out and let kids be kids - although that said, I need to remind myself of that sometimes. On a side note, love love love Parker's leggings too (as well as your jumper). Where are they from? xxx

  2. Some of the people on Mumsnet :/ LOL you definitely should not be sorry and carry on toddling P :) ox

  3. Loved this! I have people tut at us all the time when Joshua is out of the pushchair. Even if he is a not of a nightmare and hand holding is not his favourite thing. But how else are they going to learn to walk independently? Xx

  4. Wow. How are they supposed to learn to walk properly if they're not allowed. Bloody ridiculous

  5. I had no idea people even complained about this!! As long as you're safe and responsible, as you've mentioned, then i see no harm. how will they learn otherwise??

  6. I'm living in Paris right now where some people get REALLY grumpy if kids get in their way. I agree with you that there is a time and a place and if I think the annoyed person is being unreasonable, I just carry on and ignore their grumbles! It's important for toddlers to experience some freedom and learn boundaries...they only get that from toddling! x

  7. Good for you. Every single person has the same right to take up the pavement surely?! So many self entitled douches around! Well done you x

  8. Didn't you hear? You're meant to keep children hidden inside until they're adults these days just so they don't get in the way of or annoy others.

    What a ridiculous thing to get annoyed at. Track that person down and lets mass toddle in front of them!

  9. How stupid are some people, are toddlers are learning and exploring just like they did, for christs sake I was tempted to click and read, I even have it in my inbox, but you know some people are just miserable for miserable sake!

    Toodle on toddlers toodle on!


  10. Reading the AIBU thread is addictive, Rob takes the mickey but he is worse with reading Reddit! I read that post and thought what nonsense! xx

  11. I read that thread too and it made me so mad! Toddling/exploring are how children learn, why should we keep them strapped into a pushchair all the time?!

  12. Yes, yes you are being unreasonable! Surely that couldn't have been a parent that wrote that comment...

  13. So funny!! I get those daily Mumsnet emails and I've actually had to stop opening/reading them as they were driving me mad.... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!!!! Xxx

  14. I read this too and was amazed at how many of the responses thought that she was being perfectly reasonable! You can't win as a parent - you're criticised if your 'too old' child is in a pushchair or being carried, but then if they're walking they're too slow. What happened to a bit of tolerance?

  15. Sometimes reading those AIBU posts is hilarious, other times, the really get on my nerves! A bunch of parents complaining about parenting - as if these people never let their toddlers toddle? Some people just want to complain about everything, they just need to chill it and - I don't know - walk around you? It's crazy!

  16. You can't win can you. Let them walk get moaned at, carry them get moaned at, let them use a pushchair for too long get moaned at. I don't have a toddler but I still think it's cute when I see them toddling along, even if they get in your way!


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