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Happy Friday!

I'm writing this week's #littleloves post on Thursday evening. Two little ones in bed absolutely over the moon that it's snowed (well.. Indie is anyway!). Am I expecting it to still be around when they wake up though? Naaah!

I'd love a snow day though. Not because I like snow, I bloody hate the stuff. But I know the littles would be sooo excited. Indie has already said she wants to do snow angels like Peppa. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Anyway, onto what I've loved this week.


There are a number of posts I've read this week that I have loved, but for all the wrong reasons. It seems that there are a number of people out there who believe, just because us bloggers put ourselves out there, that they can say whatever they want - no matter how rude, judgemental and unnceccesarry.

"Please Remove your Judgey Pants" by Hannah (Budding Smiles) and "Stop the Judgement" by Sarah (This Mama Life) put it perfectly. We all need to stop judging, and just support each other as parents. 


When I opened up my present from Jack on christmas day to find tickets to see Aladdin, I was thrilled! I'm a huge Disney geek, and I've been wanting to see the show since they announced it was happening.

If you haven't seen it I'd 1000% recommend it. The costumes are stunning, there's a flying magic carpet and the Genie is so, so funny.

Something else I loved watching this week was this...

James Corden never fails to make me laugh, and these two are a brilliant double act!


Unless you've been hidden under a rock you'll know that Ed Sheeran is back! I've been a fan since his Youtube days, so I was so excited to hear his new songs. I already love Castle on the Hill so I wasn't disappointed, just extra excited to hear the rest of the album.


With Indie at preschool three days a week now, I'm trying to make the most of the days we have together. She's been asking for weeks to paint her fairy door, so on Monday I decided it was finally time!

It was so lovely to watch her think so hard about her design. She chose the colour, where to put the decorations and has decided to name our new fairy friend Princess. Of course I gave a little guiding hand with placement, but she was soo proud of herself.


Has it been grey and miserable all week where you are?

I don't think I've seen the sun properly for aaaages now! I don't see any point dressing properly in the winter either. Every outfit is covered with my coat and scarf anyway, so what's the point? I'd stay in my pjs all day if I could!

And Lastly...

Have a lovely weekend everyone - with or without snow! We've got plans to capture our first Siblings and Me and Mine photos of the year. Wish us luck...


  1. I do feel a little jealous that you have snow, we have nine here and the kids are desperate for some to play in. Aladdin sounds amazing, we've seen a few theatre productions of Disney classics and they have always been amazing. Have a lovely weekend. #LittleLoves

  2. Ugh, people with those kind of outlooks drive me up the WALL. "FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!" they'll yell, and it's just like "Dude, of course you're free to say what you want but why do you feel the need to be free to be SUCH a dick?" I'm all about Don't Be A Dick for this year. Fed up with dickish people. I'll stop saying dick now. Thanks for linking to those blog posts - they sound right up my street. Have a great weekend! x #LittleLoves

  3. Aladdin sounds amazing! Glad you had an amazing time :) agree that is parents should all be sticking together ox

  4. Oooh I love this post - its the first time I've seen your Little Loves ones! I agree, whats the point in having anything other than a fab coat at the moment!?

  5. You are so right. Some days I spend ages choosing an outfit (by this I mean desperately trying to find something that a) fits and b) doesn't make me look like a potato) and then realise nobody will see it anyway! God love winter for the fact I can hide under my big coat ��

  6. Such a great week had, so jealous you got to see Aladdin dying to go and watch it, heard great things. I do hope the snow settles, as I have bought a sled for Leanora, plus it will be her first time seeing snow.


  7. We got a fizz of snow for a minute it was beautiful and felt magical and then it melted by morning. hahaha The kids were very disappointed. Aladdin sounds amazing. I need to take the kids they would love it. I live in my coat in winter so I don't fuss about winter clothes as much as I do outfits for summer. No one ever seems them. hahaha Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. #littleloves

  8. I heard Ed Sheeran is back! I must admit I am not a fan but there are a couple of songs that when it comes onto the radio I do sing along too. I would love to see Aladdin in theatre! I bet it was magical! xx

  9. The post is so great! I really love your blog:)


  10. I'd love to see Aladin! Love the fairy door. We had a bit of snow over night my 3 year old was very excited.

  11. I'm desperate to see Aladdin - trying to arrange a trip to take some students from work (good excuse right?). Indie looks so grown up in that photo, hope she is enjoying pre-school. Sounds like you're spending some lovely days together. Enjoy your weekend xx

  12. Jealous you got to see Aladdin - if only it would come to Glasgow sometime soon! I also loved Hannah's judgy pants post, refreshing compared to what I normally read! x

  13. Aww hope Indie got to play in the snow! Love her fairy door it's so cute. Have a fab weekend x

  14. Aladdin looks amazing, no wonder you were excited when you saw the tickets. I've just watched the James Corden/Neil Patrick Harris video, I love those two. So funny xx

  15. That fairy door is so cute - and she looks so chuffed! I have been living under a rock as I had no idea Ed Sheeran was back - I LOVE him! Obviously, he gets the ginger vote :) I love James Cordon too - he seems like someone you would love to be mates with and I can't imagine him being mean to anyone. Love him. So jealous of Aladdin! x

  16. Aw my girls would have loved a fairy door when they were little, it's so magical.
    SO please you enjoyed Aladdin, it sounds fantastic! xx


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