Oh Teething Hell... Top Tips for Teething


Oh Parker. My beautiful boy, I love you so much.

But when you're teething?

When you're teething, you're a bloody pain in my bum.

After probably being spoilt by a first child, who was pretty much chilled out about everything. You really do teeth in style.

You stop sleeping. You stop eating. You stop playing. And I know you can't help it. I know you're in pain. But it's exhausting!

We're thankfully 12 teeth down now, and I can see those pesky top canines that are currently the cause of the trouble, peeking through. We're surviving on a mixture of Anbesol, Calpol and alllll the cake - the last one's for me, he doesn't deserve it ;).

When Indie was teething we never needed any of this though. She got by with an Amber anklet and a bit of teething gel. This got me thinking how different little ones are. What works for one isn't always going to work for another.

So I asked my fellow bloggers how they got through teething hell...

"Distraction! And chewy snacks that create pressure like bagels. And don't forget the wine for the big people." - Hannah @ Hi Baby

"We survived on frozen peas!" - Annastasia @ Hacking Parenthood

"With Lamb the Nelsons teething granules worked brilliantly, having said that he didn't suffer that badly. Bear, however, really suffers and so far only Calpol and boob makes him happy!" - Alex @ Lamb and Bear

"With my first born: Ibuprofen, Anbesol and lots of comforting. So far my second born is ploughing through with just an Amber anklet!" - Heledd @ Yummy Blogger

"Two words: Anbesol liquid! It is amazing and was the only thing that really worked and soothed sore gums!" - Emma @ Sophie Ella and Me

"Wine wine and more bloody wine!" - Emma @ Me and B Make Tea 

"I used to freeze frube yoghurts they used to help so much. Or the Nelsons teething granules." - Charlotte @ Cups of Charlotte

"Bitching to your mummy tribe is the most helpful thing for teething babies! And booking a babysitter every once in a blue moon for their distraction and your sanity." - Nyomi @ Nomipalony

...and probably my favourite suggestion of all: "Valium. For you, not the baby (or both)." - Harriet @ Toby and Roo

How do you cope with teething?


  1. Thanks so much for including us! It really is awful isn't it. Teething is the worst. Some great tips here though. I'll share it on my twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

  2. Some fab tips here, thank you for including us! I remember Sophie teething very well, it was awful and so exhausting! x


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