The First Taste of Snow, January 2017


I know snow is probably old news by now, but I couldn't not share some of the wonderful photos we managed to capture last week. It was the littles very first taste of snow, and I'm not sure who was more excited!

Where we live, the snow had melted by the time morning arrived on Friday 13th January. Indie was so disappointed. Her dreams of making snow angels were gone as quickly as they arrived. Driving to Knole the next day though, we were surprised to see fields of white. We could have a snow day after all!

Bundled up in their puddlesuits and wellies, we parked up road-side and entered via a side gate - these are dotted around Knole, giving you access to the grounds further away from the main car park. There were families sledging and going for long walks in the snow - there was a real buzz in the air which was so lovely.

Parker was unfortunately feeling a little sorry for himself, so he wasn't quite so sure what to make of the snow. Indiana however, was in her element.



Making snowballs.

I don't think I've seen her so happy in a long time!

We did have a liiiittle bit of a parent fail while adventuring though. Parker doesn't actually have any gloves of his own - what 1 year old keeps them on? I found Indie's old mittens, but they quickly fell off and got soaking wet.

What was the parent thing to do? Give him my gloves of course! He looked ridiculous, but they kept him warm and he actually kept them on too.

The best bit of the whole morning was watching Indie play. She got to make her snow angels (just like Peppa), and there was even enough snow left to build a mini snowman.

With daddy's help she gathered the snow to make a body and a head. They then ventured off to find some twigs for arms - which she then managed to add herself! We couldn't find any eyes, so I had to get creative with some leaves.

I even popped Indie's bow on top to make a girly snowman - much to Indie's disgust though as "it's myyy bow" was shouted a few times...

We had such a wonderful morning, and I think it's actually made me enjoy snow a little bit more. Of course the day wasn't all sunshine and snowmen - the littles ended up a bit chilly and tired so there were tears...

But what day out with little ones is always perfect?

life as our little family


  1. I love these photos! I wish we had more snow so we could of got out in it but it was slush the next day! ox

  2. Ah what great photos! We didn't get any - I actually hate snow, I like watching it but it's just too cold and wet for me, looks like you guys had fun xxx

  3. Oh my goodness this is cute!! Lovely photos, I think snow is magical at any age but especially when they're tiny!

  4. Such cute snaps, I wish we had that amount of snow here in London.


  5. Lovely photos, what great memories you have made. Rather you than me though, not a fan of the white stuff myself! My kids were gutted that the snow missed us again.

  6. These photos are beautiful!! I bet she was delighted when she noticed she could play in the snow after all. We didn't get any here I was gutted!!

    Emily xxx

  7. Amazing photos! Sadly we didn't get enough snow to play in and build snowmen in our area.
    Glad you had a lovely time x

  8. These are amazing. MY personal fave is Parker in the giant gloves omg brilliant!! Indiana looks like she's having a whale of a time love her. All these photos of you are gorgeous, treasured memories indeed!xx

  9. So cute, you got some lovely snaps! We didn't get any snow- I'm gutted! X

  10. Thanks so much for adding your post to #MyFamilyAdventures and what a perfect post. We got lots of snow but sadly Lil G' school didn't close so there was no snow day for us. I'm so glad you went out to find some, G remembers his first snow sledging even now. I hope to see you again at the end of Feb x

  11. We didn't get any snow where we live and I've been very envious of seeing everyone's snow pictures, looked like you all had a fantastic time #MyFamilyAdventures

  12. We got a bit of snow around this time too. Looks like your two had lots of fun on their first experience of snow #myfamilyadventures

  13. Awww lovely to see that they enjoyed the snow for a little while. #myfamilyadventures


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