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Yesterday marked the last day of term for Indie. We're all totally ready for half term I think, I miss her and I know P definitely does too! I'm still finding it hard to believe she's been at preschool that long already though. She's grown and learnt so much in such a short space of time, but it feels like only yesterday I dropped her off for her first day.

The rest of our week has been pretty relaxed. Apart from one pretty big thing. We're hopefully moving! We haven't got our hopes up too much yet, but I've got absolutely everything crossed. We've lived in our flat for 3 years now, and I'm totally dreaming of a house. A garden. Just somewhere to hang out my washing! So fingers crossed next week I can share some good news...


I'm really trying to up my blog reading and commenting recently. I know how much I appreciate it when someone takes the time to read and comment on my posts, so I know it's totally worth it. I've been joining in daily comment threads, which although seems forced it's actually such a lovely way to find posts and new blogs. So if you haven't tried it before, definitely give it a go!


Parker's fiiiinally nearing the end of his cold *please say I haven't just jinxed it*, but while he's been poorly there's been a whole load of Peppa in this house. He's a boy obsessed. Indie had absolutely zero interest until last year, but P has been hooked from the beginning. Most likely because he's a second child, so he just had to watch what Indie enjoyed!


Talking of obsessions, can you guess what Indie's is at the moment?

Ever since we watched Trolls at the cinema a few weeks ago, she's not stopped talking about it. She knows the characters, requests 'the songs on mummy so I can groove' and wouldn't even consider any other toys in the toy shop. We've had the soundtrack on repeat all week!


My plan was to make some Valentine's Day crafts with the littles this week, but I just didn't get round to it. I'll try harder next week!


It's been alllll about Lamb and Bear in our house this week! We have a whole collection of Alex's gorgeous leggings - for both kids because twinning is most definitely winning, when it comes to the littles. We tested our crocs to the extreme, but I can happily say they survived their muddy adventure and are looking good as new again.

And Lastly...

Anyone doing anything nice for Valentine's Day?

We don't really celebrate it properly, as honestly it's just another day isn't it? We are going out for a date night on Saturday though which should be lovely. Only trouble is the table isn't booked until 7pm... I'm going to be staaaarving!

Have a lovely week :)

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  1. I love the Lamb & Bear leggings, such unique deigns! We're also in need of doing some valentines card making, so I think that'll be todays activity :) #LittleLoves

    Helen x


  2. Ah exciting, hoping for some good news for you. Our house is on the market at the moment and we have lots of viewings booked in for tomorrow, not that we've found anywhere we want to move to yet! I'm glad Parker is feeling better. Have a lovey weekend x #LitteLoves

  3. fingers crossed for the potential house news! Do you get any more out of Indie other than 'playing'? when you ask her what she has been up to at preschool?
    Great that Parker is feeling better, I swear colds and coughs go in a cycle and add teething into the mix and its pretty much a constant runny nose!
    Have a nice weekend and enjoy your meal out xx #littleloves

  4. Glad Parker is feeling better. Good luck with the potential house move. A garden would be lovely for your two. #littleloves

  5. I love Alex's leggings! I keep meaning to get a few pairs for my daughter. We have a huge Peppa fan in our house too. It's so odd because Evie hates watching tv. But if Peppa comes on, she'll be gripped so much you can't even get her attention. Good luck with the potential new house!!!! I hope something comes through! #LittleLoves xx

  6. Fingers crossed you get the news you're hoping for! Love that photo of Parker at the bottom, such mischief. Enjoy your week xx

  7. Love those trolls toys, I may have to persuade the 5 year old he needs some so I can play with them! Fingers crossed for the house x

  8. I love those leggings, ive been looking at the website this morning! My girls completely missed the Trolls hype thankfully, i still remember them first time round lol #littleloves

  9. Get better soon Parker. Hope you get the green light you are hoping for regards your move. #littleloves

  10. I am so over the Trolls soundtrack! We have heard it and heard it and anytime they get screen time they are asking for the music on YouTube. I loved the movie but I can stop the feeling lol.

  11. Trolls are dominating our house too! From the toys to the soundtrack to the film itself! Exciting about your potential move, can't wait to hear more! xx

  12. We don't really do anything for Valentine's Day either. We make dinner at home and maybe buy some bubbly and watch a movie after kids go to bed. I did two hours of work in between hahaha. We are obsessed with Trolls it's a great soundtrack too. :) We have enjoyed half term needed the chill out time for us. Hope you have had a good weekend. #littleloves

  13. We love Trolls. It's such a feel-good movie and we're both obsessed with the Soundtrack. I love it when I catch Amy singing Sound of Silence. It's seems such an odd song for a kid #littleloves x


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