Learning to Swim with Puddle Ducks, West Kent {Lessons 3 - 6}


Last month I posted about our first few swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks, West Kent. Parker was only two lessons in at that point - still very new to the style and getting used to the water. We're now six lessons down, so I thought it was the perfect time to update again!

I can see such a big different between those first fews lessons and now. Parker's (and Jack's) confidence have really grown. The second Parker sees the pool he wants to get in and he happily squeals 'splash' and 'play' until he does. Make sure to read to the end to see Parker in action!

He knows the lesson structure a lot more too - welcome song, bubbles, different activities and then splash time at the end. I think it helps that Jack is now more settled into the classes too. He knows how to do the activities and holds, so he doesn't feel like the 'newbie' anymore.

By week three Parker was ready to do his first underwater swim. He did really well with it, and I don't think I was even a little bit worried about it. He continued this new skill into week 4, where he practiced lots of underwater skills. He even jumped in from the float with very little encouragement, which was a good sign.

He's even started to transfer the skills he's learning to outside of his lessons. During bath time if we use the cue words 'Parker, ready..', he knows to expect the water over his head and he doesn't get upset. 

Unfortunately the last couple of lessons Parker was poorly, and then very tired so they weren't so positive. He played up a bit in the water, but managed to stay in for the whole duration. The teacher dealt with it fantastically though and it didn't disrupt the class at all.

I'm hoping he's back to his normal splashy self when we go back this weekend. We only have two lessons left with Puddle Ducks, which I'm really gutted about. Parker is really improving and it's so lovely to watch Jack and P bond each Sunday. But I'm so thankful for Konfidence being able to give us this opportunity.

Make sure to come back in a few weeks for my final update!

Disclosure - We received our swimming lessons as part of our work with Konfidence and the #swimologist programme.


  1. I've never done anything like this with my two but these lessons sound so good and it definitely builds so much confidence in the water. I might have to put the baby's name down for some lessons!

  2. We absolutely love swim classes, and even after four lessons you can already see the difference in his confidence. He has zero worries about being dunked or having water poured over his head!!

  3. Oh how sweet!! Looks like he had so much fun xxx

  4. Oh these sound amazing, Amelia was with puddleducks at about this age before we moved to where she is now. Glad he's enjoying it, so precious that you have these photos I would love to have some swimming snaps of Amelia xx

  5. It looks like he is having a great time. I did classes with my eldest, but second baby has missed out. This makes me think maybe I should get round to taking her.

  6. We have not had swimming classes at all because Jess seemed to have some amazing water confidence but now I am feeling like she is missing out and maybe I should take her at some stage to lessons.



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