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I am soo pleased it's Friday again. As much as I love spending every day with the littles, weekends are just so much better with Jack at home. I cannot wait to get and about either. I feel like I've been stuck at home all week - if it wasn't the weather being crazy, we were waiting around for people / packages. Yay for the weekend!

Here's what I've loved this week...


I've read so many wonderful blog posts this week, it would be hard to pick just one to share. Instead I thought I'd share some of my favourite blogs to read.

Lilypad & Bow (previously Lily-Mae Adventures) is one of my absolute favourite blogs to read. Abbie not only writes wonderfully, but has the most beautiful photos. Her two little ones are just the sweetest too!

Another one of my favourites is Life With Mrs Lee. Harriet is mama to 3 year old Bella, and is currently expecting her second, a baby boy. Since meeting at a blog event last year we've not only become friends, but so have our girls - isn't blogging wonderful?

Finally I couldn't not mention New Young Mum - Alice & Amelia. I've followed Alice's blog from the very beginning and I don't think I've ever read a post I haven't enjoyed. She's another blogger who takes gorgeous photos, and makes me jealous of where she lives on a daily basis!


It seemed as if luck was on our side last weekend, as we not only managed to visit the zoo, but the weather was nice enough for ice creams! Despite it being huuuuge to walk around, Parker spent very little time in his pushchair. It was lovely to 'watch' him run around with Indie, exploring and seeing the animals as he pleased.

It was also lovely to watch Indie get so excited about our trip. She ran around with her map, guiding us to the animals she wanted to see. I asked her what the best bit of the day was, and she said "watching the elephant do a poo and a wee..." - aren't 3 year olds delightful?


Who else watched The Brits this week? To be honest I wasn't hugely impressed with most of the performers, and I'm sure they were having issues left, right and centre. But Ed Sheeran was fantastic, and totally stole the show!


We were sent a fab box of goodies from Plusnet, to celebrate their #halftermhygge event. The box was full of everything that we needed to get all hygge - fairy lights and a star garland, popcorn, a hot chocolate spoon, and idea cards to make our very own hygge fort.

My two absolutely loved making our chair fort. Indie brought in all of the cushions, I added blankets and the lights, and we closed the curtains to make it all cosy. I may have failed at the popcorn (next time I'll stick with the packet stuff!), but hot chocolates and biscuits were good enough for us. And I bet you can't guess what film we watched?


I'm technically cheating at this one, as they haven't actually worn the clothes yes... but how gorgeous are these pieces from JoJo Maman Bebe? I paid a visit to their new store in Tunbridge Wells, and couldn't resist having a look for myself and the littles. Do pop over and have a look, as there's also a giveaway to win a £50 voucher (it can be spent at any store or online!).

And Lastly...

Does anyone else feel as if their house is constantly full of germs? Thankfully Indie seems to have built up her immune system, from being at nursery and now preschool. But poor Parker seems to get every cold going (and then passes it to me). Argh!

Have a lovely week :)


  1. Yes to the germs! I feel like we are just passing them backwards and forwards. Sounds like you had a lovely week, especially with a trip to the zoo and ice cream; it has been pretty cold here all week!! Have a lovely weekend #littleloves

  2. I share your love for JoJo Maman Bebe! I'm obsessed with their peter pan collars and floral patterns, so cute :) #LittleLoves

    Helen x

  3. Thanks for the mention Em, I smiled from ear to ear when I read this! Sounds like a lovely week..and yes to the house being constantly full of germs! x

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time at the zoo, we love it there too! Love that you built a fort, what a fun afternoon. I think I was the only one who didn't watch The Brits, I've never really been that into it! Enjoy your weekend xx

  5. How cute do your two look in their den?! And I am envious of your zoo trip - AND ICE CREAM!!! x

  6. Oh loving the den they look absolutely adorable. So glad to hear you have had some nice weather for the zoo and getting out for fresh air always is amazing. Hope you are having a great weekend. #littleloves

  7. A JoJo Maman Bebe shop! I'd have been in there all the time if it'd been open when my daughter was little - I loved all their stuff and spent a small fortune on it. Lovely pics of the kids at the zoo and in their den, they're so cute! Fab blog recommendations too, I may have just added them to bloglovin to check out. Hope you're having a great weekend x

  8. The zoo trip sounds lovely, we've not been for ages. I must change that and take my girls in the next lot of holidays.
    Love the picture of your littles in their den! My girls loved making dens when they were small. xx


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