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It really feels like yesterday I was writing last week's #littleloves post. Half term has whizzed by in a blur of soft play visits, trips to town and constant re-runs of Trolls. I've relished not getting dressed until late a couple of times, and I know Indie has really enjoyed playing with her toys at home. I'll be sad to have her back at preschool on Tuesday.


We have a huuuuuge selection of children's books. Baby books, classic stories and plenty of quirky modern ones. One book we've never had in our collection is Guess How Much I Love You? - although Parker's baby book is based on the story.

We were sent a beautiful pearlescent copy of the story, along with a lovely colouring book, which I gave to the littles as their own little Valentine's Day treat. The story is lovely, and Parker was very happy with the stickers inside the colouring book!


How could I not mention The Walking Dead? It's finally back (although, does anyone else think it came around rather quickly?) and just as good as ever. I loved that this episode actually felt a bit like the earlier ones, and I'm already hooked again.

We always watch The Talking Dead after - a chat show where they discuss the episode with those involved in the show. It's hilarious and I look forward to watching it as much as the main show. If you don't watch it definitely give it a go!


If you read last week's post you'll know we were anxiously waiting news on a possible move. Well this week we 'heard' the good news that we got the house! I am so excited to be moving and have started window shopping for new furniture already.

There's a little bit inside me that feels sad though. We've lived in our flat for 3 years now. Both of our little ones grew up here, so it holds so many memories for us. It's going to be a sad day when we leave for the last time.


Thursday evening I was invited along to my local Lush store, to have a sneak peak at their Mother's Day collection that launches today. We all love a Lush bath bomb in this house, but have never really adventured into their different products.

During the event we learnt about the new products, watched demonstrations and even had a go at making our own fresh cleanser - Angels on Bare Skin. I never even knew these kind of products existed and now I get to try one I made with my own hands.. exciting!


We've been in our pyjamas a lot of this week (it's acceptable during half term right?), so no exciting outfits for us. The littles did 'wear' lots and lots of paint on Tuesday though.

This was the start of our painting activity.

All calm. Painting nicely on the paper.

I turned away for a couple of minutes, and then came back to a much different story! Paint everywhere. Apparently they ran out of paper so had to paint each other instead...

And Lastly...

With the weather actually improving the last few days, we're hoping to visit the zoo this weekend. I've never considered the zoo in the winter. But after seeing a few people go recently, we thought we'd give it a go! I've definitely just jinxed the weather thought haven't I?

Have a lovely week :)

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  1. Congratulations on the house! I hope the move isn't going to be too stressful.

  2. Congrats on the house and good luck with the move, moving with children can be pretty tough!
    I love lush and so jealous you went to an invite. I missed our last blogger event by a month and I so hope they organise another!

  3. Congratulations on the house - I bet you're all very happy! It sounds like you had a lovely half term week, perfectly ending it with a trip to the zoo. I hope the weather holds out! Have a great weekend!

  4. Eek, congratulations on the house - how exciting! I'm yet to watch TWD - it's the only thing we watch together. The LUSH event looked fun! Enjoy your week xx

  5. Glad to hear you got the house, how exciting! I think I'm the only person in the world who's never tried a Lush product. The shop always gave me a headache walking past so I never ventured in, the bathbombs etc always look so lovely and bright though. Hope you have a lovely weekend and make it to the zoo x

  6. Oh nooooo, I have to close my eyes when it comes to the walking dead as we are a couple series behind! Must catch up! I need to head to Lush and pick up some stuff, I never saw the attraction before but I had a couple of bath bombs for Christmas and loved them! x

  7. The lush event looked so good, need to remember to give John a nudge that way for mothers day. YAY for the house move, having some more space will be an absolute god send. I'm sure you've heard it 50 times but maybe time for another haha ;).

  8. How exciting about the move! Love lush the event looked fun xx

  9. Congrats on the house move - exciting times ahead! We have that Guess How Much I Love You book too - isn't it gorgeous?! x

  10. Oh babes huge huge congratulations on the news!!!!! That's so exciting it can be so nerving waiting to hear. Love the blogging event and the kids crafts. I wish I could get the painting thing down with the kids they love it but what a mess it creates I must do it more often. Looks fun. #littleloves

  11. Congratulations on the house! I'm so excited for you!
    I adore Lush, and love their events. Angels on Bare Skin is a big favourite of mine, I've used it for years and years and wouldn't use anything else.


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