Taking the Bambino Mio Cloth Nappy Challenge | Review


A few weeks ago I received a message from Bambino Mio, wondering if I was interested in taking part in their cloth nappy challenge.

We've been using disposables for a long time now - with our first until she was 27 months, and now with our second who is 18 months. And I'll be honest. The thought of using reusable nappies never really crossed my mind.

Aren't they smelly, hard to use and leak over night?

Recently though, we've been struggling with disposables at night. Despite moving up a size Parker's been waking up wet not only through his vest, but through his pyjamas too. I was willing to give anything a go... so I happily accepted Bambino Mio's challenge!

Stay at Home

I'll admit at first I had no idea what I was doing. But after a quick read of the instructions I was ready to tackle my first nappy! We were sent 3 of the all-in-one nappies in their gorgeous new prints - kites, bikes and umbrellas.

The nappy went on just like a regular one - a huge bonus with a wriggly toddler. Because Parker's older there was no need to to adjust the size (so I have no experience of this), but it does appear easy. They seem comfortable and he can run around just as easily in them.

Out & About

I'll be honest, I'm still too worried to try them out and about. They are bigger and therefore would take up more room in a changing bag. We have nowhere to put a used nappy either - you can buy wet bags though.


The biggest test. Would he wake up wet? I popped in the booster (I definitely wouldn't try overnight without) and popped on P's nappy at 6.30pm. Bearing in mind Parker goes to bed with a bottle, and has one in the morning, I was definitely worried.

13 hours later I went to change Parker's nappy. No leaks! It was a pretty full nappy, but nothing you wouldn't get with a disposable. A biiiig thumbs up for this challenge.

Dad / Grandparent / Babysitter

This one is a bit of a cheat too... My husband works in a nursery, he changes nappies on a daily basis.. he even tackled reusable nappies before me! He's personally not a fan, but has mentioned how much nicer these ones are to ones he's seen before.

Washing & Drying

Washing has actually been a much easier job than I thought. Just use the tab to pull out the insert, fold down the velcro to protect the tabs, and pop in the wash at 40 degrees. The only downside is that you wash with non-bio and no softener, meaning I've had to put a wash on for just the nappies.

We also live in a flat, so no hanging out on the washing line to dry here. Thankfully they actually dry really quickly and easily. I just hang them over the clothes airer and within a day they're ready to go again.

Overall Verdit

So how do I feel about cloth now?

My opinion has definitely changed. They're so easy to use and are just as absorbent as disposables. But I don't think I'd make the switch and use cloth full time. The washing is something I couldn't keep up with, as if we had loaaaads of them I'd have nowhere to dry them!

I also personally prefer that when out and about I can change P's bum and pop the nappy in the bin. Rather than having to carry around a wet / poopy nappy for the rest of the day. But I think if we were 100% using cloth this would be something we'd be more prepared for.

I've loved trying out these Bambino Mio nappies. They're definitely solved our night wetting problems. I just don't think I'm ready to go all the way just yet!

Disclosure - I received these nappies for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own.
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  1. We had a few bambino mio nappies and loved them but I just couldn't get into the routine in the end.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  2. Glad to hear that they worked well at night for you. I used cloth nappies with both my girls and we got into a routine with them that worked well. They are more bulky to take out and about and you do have to take a wet bag for them - disposables are much easier in that respect. The washing is a downside though - we got used to the routine but without the tumble dryer it would have been much harder, especially during the period of time when we had both girls in cloth. #triedtested

  3. I'm not sure I could cope with the washing either as we don't have a tumble dryer

  4. My sister used cloth for her 2nd until he was around a year and loved it. I'm not sure I could hack it myself!

  5. I love the design and have always wanted to try cloth but I'm rubbish at keeping up with the washing anyway haha ox

  6. My initial impressions on cloth nappies were much the same. Though when Noah got to size 4 in regular nappies he used to leak all the time, it was so frustrating and I didn't think to try these. Like you I probably wouldn't use them out and about as I am a huge fan of convenience, but for night times I really will try them if P has the same issues.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this! I've never been into cloth nappies for the same reasons as you, I wouldn't like carrying wet/smelly ones round with me, but these look great for just indoors!

  8. I really wished I had looked into cloth nappies before bulk buying them - I just couldnt get my head around them but posts like these have helped!


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