A House Move, Boardwalk Empire & a Big Boy Bed | #LittleLoves


This week's little loves is going to be a bit rubbish, so apologies for that! We moved at the weekend, and only got our internet back yesterday afternoon (my goodness isn't life with internet tough haha?). So I'm quickly scrambling together a post on Friday morning... whoops.

The move went amazingly well though. All our furniture is in, TV on the wall, and nearly everything sorted. It's more the pretty things we've got to sort now, such as painting and putting pictures back up. But we've got forever for that, so I'm not too worried!

Here's this week's little loves...


With no internet I've actually really enjoyed reading this week! Bubbles baths and a good book really are what you need when you've been crazily busy. I'm almost done with Happy Mum, Happy Baby which I have loooooved. I really wish all 'celebrity' mums were this honest and real.


Jack and I started watching Boardwalk Empire last year, and got into a really good rhythm with it. We managed to rewatch seasons 1 and 2 while in Norfolk last October, but fell out of love with it with so much on TV quickly after we returned.

We started watching season 3 this week though, and it's made me realise how much I enjoy it. Definitely worth a watch if you're looking for a boxset to binge on!


The most heartwarming thing, that made the stress of moving all worth it.

"It's nice to play in a garden isn't it mummy!"

I'm so pleased my two now have an outdoor space of their own.. and I'm LOVING having a washing line. It's probably rubbish to most, but after living in a flat for 3 years, this is a luxury!


We made the scary decision to put Parker in his cotbed instead of his cot when we moved. Pushed against the wall, and with a bed guard there's no way he's falling out - plus I think it's made him feel as if he's still in a cot. 

Thankfully so far we've not had any problems, and he's sleeping just as he was at home. These two love the extra morning snuggles too.


I have absolutely nothing for this section this week, sorry!

And Lastly...

Now we're almost settled I'm so excited to get back into a routine with everything - including blogging and filming / editing. We're also SO excited for a fun weekend as the last few have been taken over. Yay weekend!

Have a lovely week :)

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  1. Glad you are settled in! Although it takes a heck of a long time to really settle but it will become really homely very soon. Enjoy having a garden, you'll be having to mow the lawn soon. Spring is definitely here!
    Yet to read Gi's book. Yeah, celeb mums are probably between a rock and a hard place really, but honesty is admired and makes them so much more relatable, rather than hearing about them "getting a beach-bod TWO weeks after having their baby" what nonsense haha!

    Soph x

  2. Your two are just so flippin' adorable Emily. Parker looks far too grown up in that first picture though. And, a big boy bed?! I've not been brave enough to do that yet. Glad your house move went well, enjoy using your garden xx

  3. We lived in a flat for the first two years of Bess' life so I understand your garden delight :D Glad the move went well x

  4. Ahh look at them in the bed together last shot is so adorable. Sounds like you have all been super busy. So glad to hear the move went well how exciting for garden fun. Hope you are having a great weekend. #littleloves

  5. yay happy moving week! So sweet what they said about the garden! We moved our daughter to a real bed and it took her nearly 3 weeks to notice she could get out of it which was funny! I hope you're enjoying your new house. xx #littleloves

  6. Oh wow it must be amazing having a garden and I know the excitement at being able to hang washing up, haha! Hope you had a lovely week #littleloves


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