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It's Friday (yaaay!) which means it's time to share all of the little things I've been loving this week. I won't lie and say this week has been fantastic. Because really, I've had more bad days than good. But those good days have been really good, and they're are the ones I want to remember.


After pre-ordering the book back in September, I finally picked up my copy of Happy Baby, Happy Mum by Gi Fletcher. I'm only a couple of chapters in - because I honestly never have any spare time these days to actually relax - but I loveeee it already!

Gi is such a down to earth, honest mama, which makes the book such an easy read. If you haven't picked it up I'd definitely recommend it.


We watched the finale of Taboo this week, and I'm still a bit unsure of what I thought of the whole thing. It was weird. Really weird. But I think I liked it. Of course Tom Hardy was a little bit huge bonus, but I promise I didn't just enjoy for him...


Nothing really of note this week, and I really don't want to use Trolls for this option again - but in honesty that's all it's been. 


Pretty pancakes for Pancake Day!

Okay, I did cheat a little. But Indie had preschool at 9am, and with two to get up, dressed and fed I didn't fancy spending ages making them. But they were still pretty good... the sprinkles, banana and strawberries may have helped.


This was our first year joining in with World Book Day as Indie's preschool was taking part, and she loved it. She wore her 'tinklebell' outfit all day (and I mean ALL day, it went straight on and didn't come off until she got into her pjs). Next year I think I'll get P involved too!

And Lastly...

Last Saturday we went on a last minute trip to Knole, to capture February's Me and Mine photos. It was only brief as it was crazily windy, but it was honestly one of my favourite family trips last month. Both kids got stuck in climbing and exploring, and we were all laughing and joking the whole time - even when Indie fell into a rabbit hole. If only all days out were that good!

Have a lovely week :)

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  1. Sorry to hear you haven't had the best of weeks, but as you say, it is important to look back on the good things - that's one of the things I love about taking part in #LittleLoves, because even when I've had the worst week it gets me thinking about the little things and getting wrapped in the joy of others weeks.

    The pancakes look yummy, and both family pictures you've shared are cute! I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

  2. It's great that you can focus on your positive days, sorry you've not had the best week. Indie looks so sweet in her outfit. Also, loving the photos of you all at Knole - fantastic memories. I've been debating picking up Giovanna's book, I really like her! Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. I love all your outdoorsy trips - whatever the weather! I love Gionvanna, will have to grab the book - and Indiana looks awesome as Tinkerbell - hope you are having a lovely weekend x

  4. Oh I hope this week is better for you! Those pancakes look lovely. We always have them in the evening for dinner, the boys had loads, haha!
    Eilidh x

  5. Sorry to hear read that you didn't have the best week, you're right though, these posts really help us to see the good.
    I've watched the first few episodes of Taboo, because, well, Tom Hardy (!) but found it heavy going for a Saturday night. I need to pick it up on iplayer and give it another try xx


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