Learning to Swim with Puddle Ducks, West Kent {Lessons 7 & 8}


When we had our first swimming lesson with Puddle Ducks, all the way back in January, I never thought we'd all enjoy it so much. But when our lesson ended last Sunday, I was truly gutted that Parker's time as a Kicker was over. Especially as the last lesson was probably his best one yet!

The week break seemed to be exactly what Parker needed to recuperate and get back into the lessons. He enjoyed the last two lessons splashing, kicking, swimming underwater and jumping in brilliantly. When one activity ended he was already shouting 'again, again!' which really showed how much he was enjoying himself.

Even when they did an activity Parker wasn't so keen on, I love that the instructors don't push / force your child at all. They do try and help you into the correct position, but if nothing helps they are happy for you to stop and move on. I think this is brilliant, as not all little ones learn at the same pace, and sometimes they just don't want to play ball!

We absolutely loved our time swimming with Puddle Ducks West Kent. The lovely staff at Ashdown Primary School made the experience even better - a huge shoutout to them for being so friendly and welcoming, and for making the effort with Indiana too.

Of course I was just on the sidelines during the lessons, so I thought I'd ask Jack how he found the experience:
"It was a great experience for me and Parker to bond more, and I feel we became closer every week - all while he was learning valuable skills. It was fun to watch how he progressed and became more confident each week too. It gave me confidence as well to know what to do, and I can't wait to take these skills with us as we continue swimming outside of our Puddle Ducks lessons".
We are really going to miss our swimming Sundays (although I won't miss the crazy rush we seem to have every week). But I know we're definitely going to be taking Parker's new found skills with us on our own swimming adventures.

Thank you Konfidence and Puddle Ducks West Kent!

Disclosure - We received a term of swimming lessons as part of our Konfidence Swimologist ambassadorship


  1. Sounds like you all enjoyed the swimming lessons. I think it's a great thing to introduce your children no matter how young to swimming lessons, it builds up water confidence and allows them to have fun whilst learning a life skill!

  2. Ah, I've loved your updates! Swimming is such a valuable life lesson, I'm hoping to start taking my little one soon. Sounds like it's been a great activity for the boys to do together.

  3. Oh wow, these are such lovely photos! I really need to sort myself out and get Rory swimming!

  4. I miss Puddle Ducks so much. I wish we never gave it up. Your photos make me feel wistful!

  5. Bless him he's done SO well!! We love puddle ducks it's completely reassured me now with Noah around water, the skills they teach are so invaluable!

  6. Love your photos! I wish there was something similar where we lived, Emelia went to water babies, but we are in Cyprus now and I haven't been able to find anything. Definitely going to start taking Oscar - once I get my act in gear and order his wetsuit!

  7. We just took Bear swimming on his birthday last week for the first time but I so wish we had done something like Puddle Ducks with him. Looks and sounds amazing and sounds like Parker and Jack have had an amazing time! xx


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