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Me and Mine | March 2017


March has been pretty crazy. We moved house. We bought a new car. We've celebrated birthdays (it's Jack's tomorrow!) and our fourth Mother's Day. As well as plenty in-between. But we got through it all as a family, and I can honestly say we've never been happier!

On Sunday 12th March we waved goodbye to our flat, and officially moved into our house. We still rent (and probably will for a loooong time), but this just feels so much more homely, not to mention grown up. We have our own front door, a garden and so much more space. The littles still share a room, but after being together for over a year I think they prefer it that way anyway!

This month's Me and Mine pictures were taken on our last day in our old home. The place both children grew up in, and where they learnt all of their milestones. Where Parker came home from hospital to (and where my waters broke!), and where we lived when we got married.

So it only seemed right to capture these last family moments. The four of us together, snuggled on 'the big bed'... ready to take on our new adventure.

We are nearly all settled in now, and I'm sure it won't be long before this really feels like home.

Who knows where this next chapter will take us?

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Lovely photos of the four of you. It's nice to capture a last photo from the old house. We did the same at the me and mine project in October last year. #meandmine

  2. Ah I love that last photo of you all. We moved house at Christmas and it is a bitter sweet moment when you are leaving somewhere that holds so many memories. So pleased to hear you are all settled and now you can make lots of new memories together x

  3. These photos are absolutely lovely. Best of luck in your new home and I hope it brings you lots of happiness! x

  4. Aww I'm so glad the move went well. March seems like it was a very busy month for you! I will be sad when we move as I had Freyja at home which was quite an experience. Having done the house moving process just over 2 years ago I'm not ready to do it again quite yet though! xx

  5. Lovely photos - and sounds like the new house will be a lovely place for you to live in for a while. A bit of a garden makes such a difference with kids.

  6. What lovely photo's, its great to hear that your near enough all settled now. I bet its great having all the extra space.

  7. Such a lovely moment to capture and glad to hear you are all settled in x

  8. Aww how exciting to have moved home, hope you are settling in now! Gorgeous photos of you all. xx #MeandMineProject

  9. Oh I do love a good family snuggle and a family selfie. These are so lovely. How exciting for a new home and new adventures and memories to make in it! #meandmineproject


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